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Fence Semi Trailer

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1. What is a fence semi trailer?

Fence semi trailer develop on the basis of a container flatbed trailers and side wall trailer. The stake trailer has a fence structure design.Mainly used for transportation of agricultural and sideline products and other bulk cargo.

The fence cargo trailer can be added with a container lock to transport the container.


2. What is the common structure of fence trailer?

The common structure of the fence semi trailer is divided into four types according to the axle: 2 axles 40ft Poultry Semi Trailer, 3 axles 13 meters fencing trailer, 4 axles 15 meters sugar cane trailer, and the multi-purpose livestock trailer. And load capacity has 30/40/60/80/100 tons for your choice.


3. Shipment and transportation of fences trailer

When transporting sugar cane trailer, many customers use container transportation, which has low transportation cost and short transportation time. But the bad thing is that the rear of the fence semi trailer needs to be composed.

Some customers are bulk carriers or ro-ro ships. Titan Flapper Semi Trailer will spray wax and cover the tarpaulin when the cargo ship is bulking.


4. How to purchase a stake trailer?

How to know the quality of a warehouse trailer? The easiest way is to look at the weight of the stake trailer. The heavier the weight of cargo trailer, the better the quality. The 3 axle cargo trailer purchased by African customers self weighs is 8.5 tons. If the weight is only 7.5 tons, the cost of this fence cargo trailer can save more than 1,000 dollars.

Here are a few more important points:

1. Main beam.

The main beam should pay attention to whether the thickness is an international standard. The international standard for the main beam of a cargo trailer is 14/8/16 mm. The steel plate in the middle of the beam uses Q345B manganese steel, the thickness is 8mm. Many unreliable suppliers will use 6mm main beam to save costs. But the carrying capacity was reduced by 26%.

The international standard thickness of the middle part of the beam must be 8mm.

2. Bottom Floor.

Many Side Grill Trailers are also used to transport bulk cargo and other items. The bottom plate of the Titan fence drop side trailer passes the international standard 3mm thick checkered plate. If it is replaced with a 2mm thick pattern plate or a 2.5mm bottom plate. Cost can be reduced by $ 700.

3. Side door.

The common height of side door is 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm. The side door adopts vertical corrugated structure.

The door frame is a 40x60mm rectangular steel tube.

4. Stake style.

The overall height of the fence cargo trailer, the overall height of the stake trailer is 1.6 meters, 1.8 meters, 2 meters. You can customize the height and style of the fences trailer.

5. Axles.

The axles of fence truck trailer for sale are divided into three types: 13-ton axles, 13-ton axles + 16-ton brake system axles, 16-ton axles,

The axle of the Titan fence drop side trailer is a 13-ton axle + 16-ton brake system axle, which has better braking performance and shortens the braking distance by more than 5 meters.

6. Tire.

The 3 axle livestock trailer uses a vacuum tire with better heat dissipation performance, the model is 12R22.5.

TITAN trailer stakes uses custom made tires in a tire factory., wear-resistant tires. On Chinese highways, Titan tires can reach more than 300,000 kilometers.

7. Suspension of livestock trailer

TITAN livestock trailer suspension adopts special high-strength steel. 6mm thickness. Center pin diameter is 70mm.

Stronger than suspensions in many factories.


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