Shandong Titan Vehicle Co., Ltd is a well-known manufacturer and exporter of special truck trailers and semi-trailers in China. The company was established in 2004.

With 16 years of technology accumulation , Titan has become China's best manufacturer and exporter of special trailers and semi-trailers. more


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No.1 Semi Trailer Manufacturer in China



Shandong Titan Vehicle Co., Ltd is a company specializing in the production of various semi-trailers . 

Exports more than 1,200 semi-trailers from China to the rest of the world every year.             

TITAN is also one of the companies that export the largest number of semi-trailers in China.


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TITAN Vehilce Customer Reviews and Testimonials


Framk Maosta from Zambia - Post a review on 2022-04-10

Very happy to receive the TITAN cement tanker trailer. I contacted Annie, who is very responsible and professional. He recommended 50 ton cement tanker trailer, which is suitable for my work.


Lad Jacob from Zimbabwe - Post a review on 2022-04-07

Very happy to receive the TITAN fuel tanker trailer, the quality is very good. I will buy the 45000 fuel tanker trailer again this month. And there are a lot of accessories, I am very satisfied.


Amarshi from Tanzania - Post a review on 2022-03-29

I personally love this tri axle trailer with boards. I have been using the triaxle trailer for a while, and this trailer is very strong and durable. And the manufacturer TITAN is cooperative and responsive to the trailer problems very fast.


John mbaga from Dominica - Post a review on 2022-03-31

Many thanks to Jacky for helping me with shipping issues with my business. I have used this 80 ton detachable gooseneck trailer for 3 years without any problems. It's the most satisfying purchase I've ever had. Due to the increase in business volume this year, I plan to continue to purchase 2 units of detachable gooseneck trailers form TITAN.

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