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Shandong Titan Vehicle Co., Ltd is a company specializing in the production of various semi-trailers . 

Exports more than 1,200 semi-trailers from China to the rest of the world every year.             

TITAN is also one of the companies that export the largest number of semi-trailers in China.


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TITAN Vehicle Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Adrian from Zambia - Post a review on 2023-11-09

This is the third time I have cooperated with TITAN, and Jacky is still as efficient and fast. Provide me with the best solution. I use TITAN 4 axle lowbed trailer to transport excavator, and I feel it is very sturdy and durable.

Dikakanyo from Botswana - Post a review on 2023-10-30

I just received the 3 axle flatbed trailer. The quality and performance of this flatbed trailer are outstanding. Both the exterior design and internal structure demonstrate a high level of manufacturing technology. In addition, its load capacity is strong and meets my needs, and it is very stable during the transportation of goods without any bumps or damage.

Sugrim Geneshwar from Guyana - Post a review on 2023-10-18

As a customer who has used TITAN side loader trailer, I deeply appreciate this innovative transportation solution. TITAN Side loader trailer brings great convenience and efficiency improvement to our business with its unique design and excellent functions.

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