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9 Axles Extendable Lowboy Trailer
9 Axles Extendable Lowboy Trailer

9 Axles Extendable Lowboy Trailer

61530 USD

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TITAN extendable trailers are divided into extendable flatbed trailer,  extendable low bed trailer. The flatbed trailers extension length of trailer from 12.5 meters extends to 25 meters, 18 meters extend to 34 meters, 21 meters extend to 55 meters.

SKU: 9 Axles Extendable Lowboy Trailer
GTIN: 6975766112172
MPN: TITAN9410003
Brand: TITAN

Product Description:

TITAN produces Extendable Flatbed Trailer for the transport of long rails, pipes, 40ft container, 20ft container or other bulk cargos, and the flat-bed trailers extension length of trailer from 12.5 meters extend to 25 meters, and the trailer can carry 40ft container or 20ft container after it's at close state.

TITAN uses advanced fixture and technology during the whole production process,and ensure formation and assembly accuracy of work pieces.

TITAN 9 Aaxles lowbed trailer

TITAN 9 Aaxles lowbed trailer


1. Main beam adopts HG high strength steel, with high loading capacity, and adopts submerged arc welding technology, that ensure the smooth.

2. Side beam adopts “H” steel, the durable design avoid the side beam to have the deformation.

3. The loading ramps are made by high strength steel, with high loading capacity, will not happen to the deformation when carry heavy equipment.

4. polyurethane paint, with long service life, and avoid the vehicle get rust.

5. All parts use the products of foreign and domestic famous producers, are purchased, inspected and used strictly according to the requirements of quality system documents, and ensure good performance of whole vehicle.



Loading capacity :120 ton

Steel: HG60 high strength steel

Hydraulic power station: Diesel engine

Axles:9 axles totally, with 8 unit steering axles

Suspension:Heavy duty hydraulic lifting suspension

Tire:36 units

King pin:3.5 inch high tensile steel bolted type

Landing gear:JOST

Brake system: WABCO

Electrical system:24V, LED lights


9 axle extendable low bed semi trailer details video display

9 Axle Low Bed Semi Trailer


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Henson Senobio from Zimbabwe - 2021-08-19T17:08:59+0800
This 9 axles extendable lowboy trailer was packaged well, and upon inspection, there was no external visible damage from shipping or otherwise rough handling. Quality Control does need to be seriously looked at by the manufacturer. I have not used this extensively. But I was able to use quickly.
choi - 2021-06-18T15:06:34+0800
I often watch some wind turbibe blades transportation videos on Youtube, so when I need a trailer to transport the wind turbine blades to the top of the mountain, I choose the extendable lowboy trailer without hesitation.