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Semi Trailer Container Twist Lock
Semi Trailer Container Twist Lock

Semi Trailer Container Twist Lock

TITAN Vehicle mainly serve the heavy-duty transportation, and provide the most economical hauling solutions to customers. TITAN provide trucks, semi-trailers and parts.


Container Twist Lock is a standardized rotating connector for securing shipping container. The trailer container twist lock main function is for locking a container into place on container ship, semi-trailer truck or or railway container train, and for lifting of the containers by container cranes and side lifters.

We can supply different kinds of container chassis twist lock.

We also can customized the sea container twist locks for you.



1. Category: screw twist lock, dovetail twist lock, etc.

2. Material: Casting Steel/Forging Steel, or stainless steel

3. Size: 150×150, 210X210, 150X210, 500×180, 210×180, or as your drawing and requirement

4. Kind: Manual, Semi-automatic, single type, double type, left locked and right locked


5. Color: black, red, or as required.


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