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Triaxle Flat Bed Trailer will be send to Malawi MWBLZ

Triaxle Flat Bed Trailer will be send to Malawi MWBLZ.

On April 6, 2 units triaxle flat bed trailer finished, will be sent to Malawi. Our workers checked the whole vehicle commissioning, braking effect, braking system, etc of the semi-trailer to ensure that the semi-trailer had no problems and arranged the delivery.

In fact, the triaxle flat bed trailer that the Malawi customer bought before was of very poor quality and was deceived by some unscrupulous merchants, so the customer was very cautious. Of course, choosing TITAN is your best choice. We have more than 10 years of experience in the semi-trailer industry. Customers cover more than 50 countries in Africa and South America.

Triaxle Flat Bed Trailer for Sale In Malawi MWBLZTriaxle Flat Bed Trailer for Sale In Malawi MWBLZ

During transportation, safety is always the top priority for truck drivers! Check that there are no problems before driving, and then you can go on the road.

Based on the feedback from the previous trailer drivers and the rich practical experience of TITAN market service professionals, here we summarize the use of flat bed trailer, triaxle trailer maintenance, and maintenance knowledge strategy for everyone to provide a reference for the majority of car drivers:

Introduction to the main assembly of Triaxle Flat Bed Trailer

1. Suspension system (rigidity): transfer load and absorb vibration

Axle and wheel hub system: A single, two and three axle assemblies with the same structure are installed under the suspension system. The tire and rim assembly are fastened to the hub with tire bolts to support the triaxle flat weight.

Triaxle Flat Trailer for Sale PriceTriaxle Flat Trailer for Sale Price

2. Traction pin and guide plate/frame:

The lower part of the front end of the frame has a traction pin and a traction pin connecting plate connected to the saddle of the tractor. The traction pin is mainly used to transmit the traction force of the tractor and the braking force during braking.

3. Outrigger lifting mechanism:

In order to make the triaxle trailer can be safely parked after being separated from the tractor, two outriggers, linked or single-acting, are provided at the front end of the frame. It is composed of a screw drive mechanism, a bevel gear drive mechanism, a two-speed reduction box, a transmission rod, and an operating handle.

When the handle is pushed in, it can be raised and lowered at a high speed by turning, and when the handle is pulled out, it can be raised and lowered at a low speed by turning. When the outriggers touch the ground, they can only be raised and lowered in low gear.

Triaxle Flat circuit

Triaxle flat is to transmit the light signal of the main vehicle to the trailer by connecting the spiral cable plug of the tractor with the circuit socket at the front end of the trailer.

Therefore, the triaxle flat is equipped with an international general electrical system that matches the tractor. The electrical system is generally composed of seven-core sockets, multi-core cables, junction boxes, waterproof connectors, and various lamps and other components.

Triaxle Flatbed Trailer for Sale ManufacturerTriaxle Flatbed Trailer for Sale Manufacturer

Flat Bed Trailer gas path

1. Three major parts: emergency relay valve, ABS valve, brake chamber, most of the faults come from these three major parts.

2. Emergency relay valve: the pneumatic components of the vehicle braking system can achieve emergency braking when the flatbed trailer air-filling pipeline is damaged or the air intake is considered to be cut off, shortening the braking lag time and quickly releasing the braking function, replacing the original Brake valves, distribution valves, acceleration valves, and quick release valves in the braking system of a semi-trailer.

3. ABS (Anti-lock brake system): An electronic control system that monitors and controls the speed of the triaxle flat bed trailer during braking, including ABS solenoid valve, ABS wiring harness, ABS probe, gear ring and other components. Cooperate with the relay valve to perform the service brake function; prevent the brakes from locking, detect the wheel end speed through the probe, when the speed drops to 0, the signal is fed back to the solenoid valve, and the solenoid valve adjusts the air pressure to reduce the braking force and prevent braking Lock to increase the driving safety factor.

Details of 20/40Ft Triaxle Trailer for Sale Details of 20/40Ft Triaxle Trailer for Sale 

Tri Axle Trailer brake system

It is composed of the trachea's air pipe joint, inflation pipe, operating pipe, air reservoir, brake chamber, relay valve, ABS valve, ABS sensor and wheel brake.

The inflation pipeline is connected to the tractor's air cylinder through a quick joint; the control pipeline is connected to the tractor's brake valve through a quick joint. When the 20/40ft tri axle trailer brakes, each brake chamber acts simultaneously.

1. Service brake: During driving, a service brake (foot brake) is generally used, which is convenient for decelerating and stopping when moving forward.

2. Parking brake: The parking brake is the brake used when the car is at a standstill. It is called the parking brake, also known as the "hand brake". Its main function is to prevent the tri axle trailer from sliding forward and backward.

Drawing of Tri Axle Flat Bed Trailer for SaleDrawing of Tri Axle Flat Bed Trailer for Sale

3. Air-cut brake (emergency brake): The air-filled pipe is cut off or is seriously leaking. The emergency braking action automatically performed by the triaxle flat bed trailer brake system. The control pipe will not be broken, but the "foot brake" will fail.

4.Importance: When the front air pump is damaged or the inflation tube is disconnected, and the air storage cylinder is seriously leaking, the vehicle's "foot brake" will fail or be ineffective. The air brake is an important guarantee for the safety of vehicles or personnel!


You can download video, you can learn about different types of flatbed semi trailer, such as 2 axle flatbed semi trailer,3 axle container semi trailer,4 axle 40ft flatbed semi trailer, etc. As well as the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.

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This kind of semi trailer was designed with lots of advantages and features. If you want to get more information, please don't hesitate to make contact with us.