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Madagascar customers received 3 axle flatbed trailer

First of all, congratulations to our Madagascar customers for receiving 2 sets of 3 axle flatbed trailers.Thanks for sharing the pictures of the flatbed trailers.

3 axle 40ft flatbed trailer for sale

Because customer has ordered 2 sets container trailer, shipping together through the container saves freight. The following is a picture of our factory shipment.

3 axle flatbed trailer 3 axle flatbed trailer 

How to choose 40ft flatbed trailer parts?

1. Landing gear

It also called support device. It is located at the front of the semi-trailer frame and is used after the semi-trailer is separated from the tractor truck.

The single-action landing gear refers to the two sides operating independently, with two cranks, and each gear has a drop-deck trailers gear box. The linkage landing gear refers to the two sides of the operation, only one crank, which is composed of a gear box and a belt.

40ft flatbed trailer for sale Madagascar40ft flatbed trailer for sale Madagascar

2. Braking system

Brake air chambers are round metal containers, located at each wheel, where compressed air is converted into mechanical force to apply the brakes and stop the sidewall trailer.

Brake valve is used to control the braking of trucks or semi-trailers. It is suitable for trailers with dual-line brake system, and parking or emergency brakes are air-braking brakes. It has the function of automatically causing the trailer brake when the control pipe connection of the trailer brake system is broken or leaking.

Parts of 3 axle container trailerParts of 3 axle container trailer

3.Tire Rim

The tire rim is also called the wheel hub, which is an important part of the bulk cargo trailer. "rim" and "tire" are two completely different parts. The so-called "tire" is the rubber part of the "wheel" of the truck trailer. It is soft in itself, so the inner part of the tire supporting the tire is a barrel-shaped, center-mounted part called the rim.

3 axle 40ft Flatbed trailer for sale Madagascar3 axle 40ft Flatbed trailer for sale Madagascar

4. Mechanical suspension

The mechanical suspension is our common leaf spring. It is mainly composed of leaf spring, suspension support, connecting rod, U-bolt and other parts. The longitudinal force of the body falls directly on an axle.

The biggest advantage of this suspension is that it is cheap, reliable, and easy to maintain. At present, more than 80% of ordinary semi trailers use a leaf spring balanced suspension.


This kind of semi trailer was designed with lots of advantages and features. If you want to get more information, please don't hesitate to make contact with us.