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40 Ton Bulk Cement Trailer will be sent to Guinea Conakry

40 Ton Bulk Cement Trailer will be sent to Guinea Conakry.

40 Ton Bulk Cement Trailer will be sent to Guinea Conakry40 Ton Bulk Cement Trailer will be sent to Guinea Conakry

Congratulations to our Guinea customer his 2 axle bulk cement tanker trailer finished. This customer found us through Google and needed to transport 40 tons of cement. After carefully asking about the customer's needs, we recommended 40 ton 2 axle bulk cement trailer for him. 

Because the customer has not used it before, he is a little worried. But we have professional technical guidance videos and manual articles that can help customers solve usage problems. Of course, if you have any questions, you can contact us at any time, we can guide the tutorial online to ensure worry-free after-sales.

Many customers are using our semi trailers for the first time. They say the operation is very simple. Or you can ask us for help.

Package of Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer for Sale PricePackage of Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer for Sale Price


Precautions during 40 Ton Bulk Cement Trailer unloading

1. When filling, pay attention not to fill the powder tank, and some space should be reserved to expand the powder. When loading, avoid mixing sundries into the tank, block the discharge pipe, and affect the discharge speed and remaining rate.

2. If there is abnormal noise from the air compressor, press the clutch pedal, turn off the engine, and turn off the power take-off solenoid valve switch. Pay special attention to the change of the pressure gauge, the operator cannot leave the site to avoid the phenomenon of excessive pressure.

2 Axle 40 Ton Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer Price2 Axle 40 Ton Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer Price

3. The 40 ton bulk cement trailer should be kept dry daily to avoid the agglomeration of powder. When repairing the 40 ton bulk cement trailer, you should prevent the parts from falling and knocking to prevent damage, deformation, bumps, scratches, etc. of the parts. You must pay attention to cleaning when the parts are restored.

4. When working on the air compressor, avoid standing on the air compressor side. When speeding up, do not push the throttle too hard, and use even force.Remember not to use the external air supply port to exhaust.

5. Special attention: After the first unloading, be sure to check the fulcrum bolts and U-bolts, and tighten each bolt one by one; later, check each bolt regularly. If loose ore is found, tighten it.

Details of Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer ManufacturerDetails of Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer Manufacturer


Emergency handling

1. When charging and building pressure, when the pressure in the tank is too high and the safety valve is opened, the exhaust valve can be opened to reduce pressure;

2. When water enters the 2 axle bulk cement trailer, the water should be discharged in time through the two drain valves at the bottom of the tank. If the fluidized bed canvas gets wet, the fluidized bed canvas should be replaced in time to avoid cement agglomeration on it;

3. During the unloading process, if other abnormal conditions need to terminate the unloading, the unloading disc valve can be closed first, and then the pressure in the fluidized chamber can be unloaded by opening the exhaust valve.

Drawing of 40 Ton Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer for Sale Near MeDrawing of 40 Ton Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer for Sale Near Me


You can download video,you can learn about different types of bulk cement tanker trailers, such as 3 axle dry bulk tanker trailer, 30-ton fly ash tanker, 50cbm silo trailer for sale, and process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.

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This kind of semi trailer was designed with lots of advantages and features. If you want to get more information, please don't hesitate to make contact with us.