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120 Ton Extendable Lowbed Trailer will be sent to Vietnam

120 Ton Extendable Lowbed Trailer will be sent to Vietnam.

120 Ton Extendable Lowbed Trailer for Sale In Vietnam120 Ton Extendable Lowbed Trailer for Sale In Vietnam

Remember this 10 Axle extendable semi trailer? The acceptance successfully shipped to the port. This is the picture taken by our freight forwarder. Alice, the sales manager, will send it to the customer to inform him that his semi trailer has been sent to Vietnam.

1.Ordinary extendable lowbed trailer

This transport method generally uses an ordinary extendable lowbed trailer to transport wind blades. The characteristics of this extendable trailer for sale are that it can be extended and retracted to accommodate blades of different lengths.

These can be used to transport both wind blades and the tower. This is the kind of extendable lowbed trailer that you need if you want to handle the different kinds of loads in your operations. Extendable flatbed trailer design and construction are meant to take care of these needs.

The tail platform forms the rear section of the 120 ton extendable lowbed trailer. mega windmill transporter can either be a folding or pulling platform configuration. Therefore, users can choose a telescopic trailer based on these tail platform configurations.

10 Axle Extendable Lowbed Trailer Price Manufacturer10 Axle Extendable Lowbed Trailer Price Manufacturer

2. Overall design of extendable lowbed trailer

The wind blade transporter consists of a tractor, a cargo platform, an axle, a suspension system, a support device, a steering system, a braking system, and an electrical system. 

Cargo platform

The cargo platform is composed of three parts: the front cargo platform, the middle cargo platform and the rear cargo platform. Each part of the cargo platform can be combined and spliced with fork joints. The entire cargo platform is a frame structure. The cargo platform is welded by weighing and longitudinal beams.

The longitudinal beams use an I-shaped structure, which has the characteristics of high strength and simple technology. The cross beams are made of square steel and channel steel; There are seamless steel pipes welded under the lower wing plate of the main longitudinal beam.

Package of 120 Ton Extendable Semi Trailer for SalePackage of 120 Ton Extendable Semi Trailer for Sale

The seamless steel pipes are distributed in a truss shape. The purpose of welding seamless steel pipes is to increase the rigidity of the cargo platform and reduce the amplitude of the up and down vibration of the cargo platform during driving. Because the cargo bed is long, the turning radius of its driving is large, and the passability is not good.

Therefore, in the no-load state, the front cargo bed and the rear cargo bed are directly cross-connected to improve the passability of the whole extendable lowbed trailer.

Hydraulic suspension system

The lifting of the entire cargo platform is realized by the hydraulic suspension. The hydraulic suspension is composed of a cantilever, a swing arm and a suspension cylinder. The cantilever and the swingarm and the suspension cylinder are connected by a ball joint.

Testing of 10 Axle 120 Ton Extendable Semi Trailer for SaleTesting of 10 Axle 120 Ton Extendable Semi Trailer for Sale

When the cargo platform is lifted, the suspension cylinder is extended under the action of hydraulic pressure, the angle between the cantilever and the swing arm increases, and the cargo platform is raised to the highest position. When the cargo platform is lowered, the suspension cylinder is suspended under the action of the cargo platform and the weight of the cargo.

The size is reduced, the cargo platform is lowered to the lowest, and its lifting stroke is 400mm. When driving, it can adapt to the uneven road surface through the telescopic movement of the cylinder.

In addition to the functions of lifting and leveling of the whole 120 ton extendable lowbed trailer, each suspension, more importantly, the expansion and contraction compensation function of the hydraulic cylinder ensures the uniform load of the wheelset during operation and avoids slipping, so as to adapt to uneven road conditions and maintain safe operation reliable.

Drawing of 10 Axle Extendable Lowbed Semi Trailer ManufacturerDrawing of 10 Axle Extendable Lowbed Semi Trailer Manufacturer

Here is the Extendable Windmill Blade Trailer transportation details display video. This kind of semi trailer was designed with lots of advantages and features. If you want to get more information, please don't hesitate to make contact with us.