Tips for safe operation of fence semi trailer

TITAN VEHICLE | 2020-04-01
Tips for safe operation of fence semi trailer


Semi-trailers have become the mainstay of today's cargo transportation, but when many owners use the vehicle, they focus on the truck head and ignore the trailer. In fact, for the operation of the vehicle, the trailer is just as important as the tractor. So how should a fence semi trailer operate correctly and safely, and what should be paid attention to when using it? After reading this article, I believe you will have a closer understanding of the use of semi-trailers.


Connection of tractor and fence semi trailer

1. The traction height of the cargo semi trailer, the size of the traction pin, the front turning radius, and the gap radius must be matched with the tractor, and it should be checked before connection;

2. Carefully check whether there is sand, dust or other foreign matter on the working surface of the saddle of the tractor, the tractor pin of the semi-trailer, or the tractor, and whether there is sufficient grease;

3. Adjust the support legs to make the semi-trailer traction slide fit the height of the traction saddle so that the traction truck saddle is connected to the traction pin; then move the tractor slightly forward to check whether the connection is good;

4. Pneumatic connection

① Connect the two trachea joints (commonly known as handshake) on the tractor to the two trachea joints on the semi-trailer (note the color of the joints: red is the supply line, blue is the control line)

② After the air joints are connected to each other, you must unscrew the semi-trailer air connection disconnect switch on the tractor to make it ventilate, otherwise the air cannot be supplied to the brake system of the semi-trailer and the brake system will not work;

③ Start the engine, check for air leakage in the air circuit, and check whether the braking system is working properly;

5. the connection of the circuit

① Insert the cable connection plug of the tractor into the cable connection socket on the front of the van semi-trailer;

② Check whether the electrodes are well connected, and confirm whether the lights work normally, and replace the electrode wiring if necessary;

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The following matters must be noticed or taken to ensure the safety of the vehicle while driving:

1. All back doors, side doors and side fences should be locked

2. When turning, the speed should be reduced to reduce the impact of the cargo on the side walls and prevent rollover.

3. Speed ​​should be reduced at railway crossings and uneven roads to reduce the impact of cargo on trailers.

4. For the safety of vehicles and people, it is strictly prohibited to overload the cargo in the carriages during loading or unloading or transportation.

5. For container transportation, check whether all turn locks are locked.


Starting and driving a stake semi trailer

1. Getting started

① Correctly operate the outriggers so that the feet of the outriggers leave the ground and rise to the extreme position, ensure that the height of the outriggers' feet is not less than 320mm (when the semi-trailer is fully loaded), and then hang the handle on the hook

② Check whether the tire air pressure is the specified value

③ Check whether the air pressure of the air brake system is within the specified range, and only start when the air pressure of the gas cylinder reaches 550kPa

④ Release the parking hand brake

2. Driving

After going through the above operations, you can drive. Strictly observe the following points when going downhill:

① To prevent the brake drum from overheating when going down a long slope or a steep slope, try to use the tractor engine brake for braking

② Do not use the stake trailer braking system alone for a long time

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Separate truck head and fence cargo semi trailer

1. The semi-trailer and truck head should be parked on a flat and solid ground. Check whether the trailer brake is effective. After operating the support device to make the base fall to the ground, continue to rotate the rocker, so that the semi-trailer traction slide can lift a certain gap in order to exit the tractor

2. Turn off the stake semi-trailer air path connection disconnect switch on the truck head, and then remove the tractor's air supply and control line connectors from the trailer

3. Unplug the cable plug from the cable connection socket of the semi-trailer and place it on the tractor

4. Operate the locking mechanism of the traction seat to open the locking block

5. Slowly drive the tractor forward to disengage the traction pin from the traction seat, thereby separating the semi-trailer and the tractor

6. When parking for a long time, the parking handbrake valve should be operated to activate the spring energy storage brake of the brake cylinder

7. After the separation, check whether there is any abnormality in each part of the semi-trailer, loosen the water drain valve at the lower part of the gas storage tank to drain the water in the tank



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