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New Design

13.75M Wing Opening Box Van Trailer


wing opening trailer


Through this video, you can learn about the new 13.75m wing opening box van trailer.


Application: The wing opening box van trailer is mainly used for the transportation and distribution of auto parts, paper, household appliances, clothing, chemicals, beverages, food and other items.

Structural design: It is a special vehicle that can open the wings on both sides of the carriage through power springs, manual devices or hydraulic devices. Quickly unfolds and stows, the interior is spacious and comfortable.


Advantages: The two wings of the car can be lifted and opened 90°, so that both sides are completely open, which greatly facilitates loading and unloading of goods; the car has a unique design, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, and is rainproof and dustproof. , sun protection, anti-theft, corrosion resistance and other advantages; this car has good sealing performance, suitable for rapid mechanical loading and unloading, fast speed, high efficiency, saving time and labor.

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