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Low Bed Telescopic Semi Trailer
Low Bed Telescopic Semi Trailer

Low Bed Telescopic Semi Trailer

TITAN extendable trailers are divided into extendable flatbed trailer,  extendable low bed trailer. The flatbed trailers extension length of trailer from 12.5 meters extends to 25 meters, 18 meters extend to 34 meters, 21 meters extend to 55 meters.

Product description:

TITAN design and produces extendable trailer are primarily used for transporting large tank, wind tower sections, long pipeline, crane booms, long bridge, long rail, wind blades or other components of wind power plants.


1) High robust structure steel with high load capacity, 60 ton ~ 200 ton payload capacity.

2) Working platform length and width of trailer is available custom made.

3) Lower working platform

4) Mechanical spring leaf suspension



4 axle 56m extendable trailer testing video display


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