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40 cbm aluminium alloy fuel tankers
40 cbm aluminium alloy fuel tankers

40 cbm aluminium alloy fuel tankers

13500 USD

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TITAN produces high quality oil tanker trailer for transport crude oil, diesel oil, gasoline oil and petroleum oil

SKU: 40 cbm aluminium alloy fuel tankers
MPN: TITAN9408115
Brand: TITAN

Product Description:

Carbon steel tanker can be easily corroded by gasoline and diesel. It is easy to rust in the tank, resulting in contamination of the oil products, resulting in early wear and tear of the vehicle engine and greatly shortening the service life of the engine. 

The use of aluminum alloy tanker can not only greatly reduce vehicle weight, improve transportation efficiency, but also prolong the service life, and extend the steel tank truck for 5-10 years. The profits generated during the whole life cycle are very impressive.

40 cbm aluminium alloy fuel tankers

40 cbm aluminium alloy fuel tankers

40 cbm aluminium alloy fuel tankers



The aluminum alloy fuel tankers's body light weight, more economical and practical

Strong corrosion resistance, improve service life

Good ductility, improve safety and eliminate hidden dangers

Recyclable and high recovery

Aluminum alloy tanker belongs to the environmental protection vehicle. The light weight of aluminum alloy tanker means the fuel consumption of the reduced vehicle.

Aluminum alloy has good conductivity, effectively reducing static electricity accumulation on the tank. When there is a collision or a tilting



Product: Aluminum alloy fuel tanker trailer

Tank Body: Loading capacity :40000liters

Compartments :1 compartments ( or design according to your requirement )

Moving Parts:Axle: 3x13 tons FUWA axles

Tire/Rim: 12R22.5 radial tire /9.0-20

Suspension System: Reinforced plate spring balanced suspension .

Leaf-spring: 10 pieces with width of 90mm

Braking system: Wabco

Electrics: 24 volt electrical system rear lights

King pin: JOST 2" (50#) bolted type or 3.5" 90#

Landing Leg Support: JOST 28Ton

Accessories: 2 tool boxes + 2 spare tire racks +bumpers(side and rear)


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Masimba - 2021-06-21T14:06:24+0800
Yes, my friend. I have got my favorite tanker trailer again. I have been using your tanker trailer for more than 2 years. After dealing with your company and trailers, I know exactly whom I am dealing with.