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6 Axle 62 Meters Wind Blade Trailer will be sent to Chile

6 Axle 62 Meters Wind Blade Trailer for Sale in Chile

6 Axle 62 Meters Wind Blade Trailer for Sale in Chile

This customer initially wanted to buy a extendable wind blade trailer from China. After searching for information about semi trailers on Google, he browsed many websites that sell semi-trailers. After much understanding, he chose TITAN after careful consideration and contacted the company's sales Barry. Our semi trailers are all customized and can be modified according to customer requirements. After the customer received the quotation for the extendable trailer, he finally chose the 6 axle 62 meters wind blade trailer. The 6 axle 62 meters wind blade trailer is also our company’s popular model. Recently, there have been a large number of orders and customer feedback. The factory is also stepping up the construction period. The production of the extendable wind blade trailer is completed as soon as possible under the condition of ensuring the quality, so that customers can receive the trailer as soon as possible.

6 Axle 62 Meters Wind Blade Trailer for Sale in Chile

6 Axle 62 Meters Trailer for Sale

What is an Extendable Trailer?

An extendable trailer configuration is a trailer mechanism that is designed and adapted to be towed through the use if a tractor truck travelling along a roadway.

The extension on the trailer is done efficiently take loads that may be of different lengths as the job will demand. The mechanism of this type of 6 axle 62 meters wind blade trailer could include both a front and rear chassis disposed of in a telescoping connection where each of the chassis can be supported through the separate wheel and axle assemblies. These could be inclined in a side by side connection in the contracted condition of the mechanism.

6 axle 62 meters trailer for sale

The disposition could be in spaced relation in the extended format of the mechanism.  Both the rear and front chassis cooperate in such a way that the chassis are inclined in a largely rigid connection

when the mechanism of the 6 axle 62 meters trailer is contracted and permissible articulation of the chassis frameworks about an overly horizontal axis following the extension of the trailer mechanism. The devices forming up the locking mechanism are provided for purpose of securing the rear and front chassis frameworks in the assembly both in the extended and contracted status of the transporter mechanism. The main components of the trailer are a power pack unit, gooseneck, wheel, supporting device, frame electrical system, hydraulic suspension, the braking system, ladder and the hydraulic system among others.

6 axle 62 meters trailer for sale

Our extendable trailers feature a flat, extendible load floor and hydraulically forced steering. The very large steering angle makes the manoeuvrability of the TITAN extendable trailer exceptional. Moreover, this hydraulic steering of the ballasttrailer and teletrailer ensures the maintenance costs are very low and tyre wear is kept to a minimum.

Extendable trailer and telescopic trailer for sale from China TITAN are widely used for long cargo transport, especially for windmill parts logistics, such as wind blade, wind tower section, and turbine. The stretchable telescopic beam could be 2 or 3 parts. Total length can reach up to 62 meters.

The extendable trailer's original design is using the mechanical axle, just like a lowbed trailer connect with a telescopic beam to make its length adjustable, so enable the trailer to adapt to different lengths of cargos.

The telescopic beam could be mounted in other semi-trailers, giving you an extendable flatbed trailer, extendable drop deck trailer as well as extendable lowboy trailer.

Extendable telescopic beam/boom protects wind turbine rotor blade from any damages or distortions during logistic, it just performed like bracket holder of the rotor blade. Please go blade trailer if you need to know more info.

This type of wind blade trailer gives the user great options of control and steering and is made of a tough material that gives it the strength to handle enough weight during transportation.

They are reliable for use in handling complex goods that would otherwise have been difficult to move from one point to another!


You can download video, you can learn about different types of extendable trailers (like 3 axle extendable trailer, 4 axle 56 meters extendable trailer, 6 axle 62 meters extendable trailer, 6 axle 62 meters trailer , wind blade trailer , 6 axle 62 meters trailer for sale). And the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.

Here is the Extendable Windmill Blade Trailer transportation details display video. This kind of semi trailer was designed with lots of advantages and features. If you want to get more information, please don't hesitate to make contact with us.