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34 Ton Side Tipper Trailer will be sent to Congo Banana on February 23

34 Ton Side Tipper Trailer will be sent to Congo Banana on February 23

34 Ton Side Tipper Trailer for sale in Congo Banana34 Ton Side Tipper Trailer for sale in Congo Banana

Congo customer saw the video on Youtube and liked TITAN’s semi trailer very much. They left a message on youtube that they need to transport food. Let us recommend a suitable semi trailer to him. After the sales manager Annie got in touch with the customer, according to the customer's needs, he recommended 34 ton side tipper trailer.

When it rolls over, the semi-trailer can efficiently transport resources such as ore, building materials and coal. The frame of 34 ton side tipper trailer is an important part, and its structural design is related to the level of design of the entire vehicle.

Heavy Duty Side TipperHeavy Duty Side Tipper


Side tipper trailer structure design and matters needing attention.

Side tipper trailer is based on the length of the carriage, using multiple hydraulic cylinders on the bottom of the carriage to work on the bottom of the carriage at the same time, so that the entire carriage can flip the loose materials on the tilting car to both sides. During the working process, the pins on both sides of the lower part of the carriage can be changed to achieve the effect of tilting the carriage.

Side tipper trailers usually have a long body and relatively stable cargo. The use of 3 axle Side tipper trailers not only saves the time of unloading materials but also greatly shortens the transportation time, which greatly improves the transportation efficiency.


Side tipper trailer structure design

1.Modeling of typical structures

34 Ton Side tipper trailer is mostly used to transport bulk particle cargo such as building materials, ore and coal. Side tipper trailer not only has the advantages of stable transportation, but also greatly improves transportation efficiency and loading and unloading efficiency.

Package of 34T Side Tipper Trailer PricePackage of 34T Side Tipper Trailer Price

When unloading, you can tilt the side of the carriage and open the door to start unloading, which can greatly shorten the unloading time and improve the efficiency of unloading operations. At the same time, Side tipper trailer has the advantage of multi-point distributed force, and the force is better.

Side tipper trailer does not have a large lift cylinder stroke during unloading operations. Therefore, it can perform two-way side tipper unloading operations, which has the advantages of convenience and flexibility. Therefore, the rollover semi-trailer has been widely used in the transportation process.

3 Axle Side tipper trailer can carry out two-way rollover operations. The structural design principle of side tipper trailer for sale is to equip multiple lifting structures at the bottom of the carriage. During the working process, all hydraulic cylinders act together on the bottom support of the carriage to move the box to both sides. Turn over to tilt the cargo

Adding changes to the flipping pins connecting the two sides of the bottom of the box will realize the dumping and unloading operation of the box to both sides. This lifting structure has a very good operating effect for semi-trailers with a long carriage length.

3 Axle Side Tipper Trailer Manufacturer3 Axle Side Tipper Trailer Manufacturer

The side tipper trailer uses the same structural design for two-way dumping and unloading, but the structural design of the lifting cylinder is different due to different manufacturers. It is mainly composed of flip arm, flip pin, low price of the box, installation and measurement of oil cylinder, lifting oil cylinder and vehicle cross frame. Among them, the force measured by the installation of the flip arm, the frame beam and the cylinder is the focus of many manufacturers and designers.


2.Side tipper trailer main structure

Side tipper trailer for sale is mainly composed of box body assembly, semi-trailer floor, tractor and pneumatic control system, braking system and hydraulic system. The structure of the side tipper trailer for sale is a load-bearing type, which is mainly composed of toolbox, suspension, frame, It consists of guardrails, outriggers and axles.

The towing pin can help the side dump trailer to connect with the saddle. The Side tipper trailer not only contains the electrical connectors and gas circuits of the ordinary semi-trailer, but also has the hydraulic system oil circuit quick-change connector, and the front part is equipped with lifting legs when the semi-trailer occurs.

When disengaging from the tractor, the front two outriggers should be propped up, and the outriggers should be stowed during driving. For the box, the box of the Side tipper trailer is different from the box of an ordinary semi-trailer, The upper part of the box body is hinged with the side cover, which can be turned up during unloading operations, which greatly improves the efficiency of cargo handling operations.

Details of Side Dump Trailer for Sale Near MeDetails of Side Dump Trailer for Sale Near Me

In the process of transportation, because the side tipper trailer has a large transportation volume, the pivoting support and the night pressure cylinder must be firmly connected to prevent the phenomenon of large impact damage during transportation.

In the process of making the rotary support, the coaxial should be strictly controlled to avoid the interference of the rotary support and the lifting cylinder, which may lead to difficulties in lifting or unable to lift, and even worse, the occurrence of the carriage underframe. Distorted and deformed, causing the box to be scrapped.

34 Ton Side tipper trailer uses a dual-line pneumatic brake system, with a single-chamber brake chamber on the front axle of the trailer, and an emergency relay valve with a double-chamber brake chamber on the rear axle of the trailer. The emergency system controls braking. In the process of emergency braking and driving, the brake chamber is used to act on the three axles. In the process of the parking brake, the dual-chamber brake chamber is used to act on the rear two axles.

The Side tipper trailer gas circuit control system uses the gas from the main gas source in the tractor to connect the hydraulic control valve of the rollover semi-trailer and the gas source control valve in the cab. The gas is used to operate the control valve to realize the deactivation of the power take-off. Health and power take-off, lift and fall of the overall carriage, etc.

Drawing of 34 Ton Side Tipper TrailerDrawing of 34 Ton Side Tipper Trailer

2.Precautions for a rollover semi-trailer

The rollover semi-trailer has its differences from the general semi-trailer. According to its own characteristics, the following points should be paid attention to when making and designing:

First, because the lifting structure of the rollover semi-trailer is arranged at multiple points, there are more articulation points, and the manufacturing process is relatively complicated, so the coordination and positioning of the rotation of the articulation points should be strictly controlled.

Second, the hydraulic system of a rollover semi-trailer has more cylinders and a long pipeline, which makes it easy to appear. The phenomenon of oil leakage, so advanced joints and valve bodies should be adopted

Third, because the hydraulic oil circuit of the rollover semi-trailer is connected by the tractor and the quick connect joint, the cleaning work of the joint should be paid attention to when the tractor and the rollover semi-trailer are joined and separated. Prevent the phenomenon of polluting the oil circuit.


You can download video, you can learn about different types of semi tipper trailers, such as u shape dump semi trailer, side tilted dumper trailer, container tipper trailer, tipping chassis trailer.

And the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.

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