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Tri Axle Extendable Trailer will be sent to Vietnam

Tri Axle Extendable Trailer for Sale in Vietnam

Tri Axle Extendable Trailer for Sale in Vietnam

This tri axle extendable trailer will be sent to Vietnam. The customer bought the extendable trailer for wind turbine blades transport is our regular customer. He bought the 6 axle and 4 axle extendable trailer from TITAN before. When the customer first bought trailers from TITAN, he was a little worried about the quality of the extendable trailer and it can be damaged during the transportation. And luckily, the trailer was sent to Vietnam successfully, and the customer is satisfied with the extendable trailer. So this time he directly contacted our sales manager Alice to place an order for this 3 axle extendable trailer. The length of wind turbine blades is different, so we usually customize the transport trailer according to customers' needs. This 3 axle extendable trailer is finished within a month, we hope the customer will be satisfied with this trailer and there can be more cooperation with us.

Tri Axle Extendable Trailer for Sale in Vietnam

Extendable Trailer for Wind Blades Transport

Advantage of Extendable Trailers:

It’s easy to use. The trailer comes in a simple design that is easy to use and operate either hands-on or remotely. Loading and offloading cargo are made safe and simple for operators to manage the operations in an effortless manner.

It can transport other kinds of oversized cargoes, not only the blades and tower. Therefore, the user can put the trailer into many other uses other than for transporting wind turbine blades.

Reliable and Efficient. Constructed of high yield strength material, extendable trailers are reliable in terms of safety and general transportation needs.

Owing to its ability to carry both wind turbine blades and windmill towers loads, it gives the user and efficient option for transportation.

Tri Axle Extendable Trailer for Sale in Vietnam

Constraints and boundary conditions

The load carried by the frame of the blade transporter is more complicated during the driving process. In summary, there are mainly bending loads, torsion loads, lateral loads and longitudinal loads. Among them, the bending load is mainly generated by the mass of the frame, on-board blades, support devices, etc. under the action of gravity; the torsional load is generated by the asymmetric support of the vehicle body caused by the unevenness of the road surface.

As a comparison calculation, the static maximum possible torque can be used. That is, the limit state of a front wheel hanging in the air or the simulation of a wheel riding obstacle; the side load is mainly generated by the centrifugal force when the wind blade extendable trailer is turning; the longitudinal load is due to the inertial force of the car when accelerating and braking and produced. According to the actual driving situation and operating environment of the transport vehicle, the following two typical working conditions are selected for calculation.

Tri Axle Extendable Trailer for Sale in Vietnam

Tri Axle Extendable Trailer Drawing

The first is the bending condition, that is, when the car is running on a level road when it is fully loaded, it simulates the normal running of the car on a straight and good road at a constant speed. At this time, all wheels are in the same plane, and the frame is mainly subjected to bending loads. The second is the bend and torsion condition, that is, the situation when the car is fully loaded on the uneven road, which simulates the situation when the vehicle is driving on the uneven road. Under this condition, the left front wheel of the first axle is suspended, and the other wheels remain unchanged in horizontal plane.


You can download video, you can learn about different types of extendable trailers (like 3 axle extendable trailer, 4 axle 56 meters extendable trailer, 6 axle 62 meters extendable trailer). And the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.

Here is the Extendable Windmill Blade Trailer transportation details display video. This kind of semi trailer was designed with lots of advantages and features. If you want to get more information, please don't hesitate to make contact with us.