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3/4 Axle Low Loader Trailer will be sent to Zimbabwe

3/4 Axle Low Loader Trailer for Sale in Zimbabwe

3/4 Axle Low Loader Trailer for Sale in Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe customers found Barry through regular customers. The customer came from a local transportation company, mainly transporting heavy vehicles such as excavators. According to customer needs, sales manager Barry recommends customers to use 3 axle and 4 axle low loader trailer.

Every semi trailer delivery is something that we are happy about. TITAN has an unwritten rule: "The test can't be qualified, and no shipment will be made." Mainly inspect the quality of low loader trailers, test load-bearing, operation, etc. If there is any non-compliance, we will not ship. We have professional inspectors to check it. This also protects the interests of customers. So we will be stricter about the production of semi-trailers.

At present, the customer's 3/4 axle low loader trailers have been completed and packaged and shipped to the customer.


3/4 Axle Low Loader Trailer for Sale in Zimbabwe

3/4 Axle Low Loader Trailer will be sent to Zimbabwe


Why is the price difference between low loader trailers so large?

1. Steel is not the same.

Large steel plants and small steel plants have different prices and different quality. TITAN 3 axle low loader trailer main beam adopts HG high strength steel, our main beam is thicker than other brands, and the price gap is around 700 US dollars. The side beam is designed in “H” shape and welded with HG 60 steel. We use this high cost beam for only one purpose, which is durable.


2. Process costs are different.

For example, if the same semi trailer is produced, the cheaper manufacturer needs 15 procedures, while the expensive one may require 25 procedures. Is such a process relatively free of equipment and labor costs? In order to save time and cost, some manufacturers deal with some details at will, and finally spraying is completed, and the customer cannot see the internal details of the trailer at all.


3. Different production equipment.

Also, some manufacturers are a welding machine with domestic or imported brand-name brands, such as Panasonic, Siemens and so on. Some low-cost selling cheap car manufacturers to use cheap or second hand welding machine, welding out of the trailer so that the quality of the same? Such products will gradually go wrong in the course of future use, especially overloading or poor road conditions will reduce the life of the trailer. You can click “TITAN Mechanical Equipment” to learn about our production machines.


3/4 Axle Low Loader Trailer for Sale in Zimbabwe

3/4 Axle Low Loader Trailers Ready to Ship


4. Worker costs are different.

Good engineer design is good, good workshop director management is good, and good workers produce products. The details of the manufactured product are accumulated bit by bit, which also has a great impact on quality.


5. Different accessories.

TITAN 4 alxe low loader trailer adopt world famous brand spare part, ensure high quality and save costs. Like WABCO braking valve, JOST landing gear, FUWA axle and other small parts. Every quality accessory increases costs.


6. Circuits, lamps and other accessories.

Many friends said that the lights of his new trailer can not turn on after ten days of running, and the wires were broken. There were only a few copper wires in the wires. TITAN 3 axle low bed trailer use good cluster circuit and high-quality LED lamps.


7. The paint is different.

The paint is different. Some trailers are particularly bright when sprayed out, and it is not easy to remove paint and fade in future use. And some have no gloss just after spraying, and the adhesion is not strong, it will take off the paint for a short time, then the trailer will be damaged.

3/4 Axle Low Loader Trailer for Sale in ZimbabweDrawing of 3 axle and 4 axle low loader trailer


So, even if the low loader trailer for sale and materials are the same, from different manufacturers, even if they use the same processing technology, the price will be different. Because of the market positioning of different manufacturers, brand value and operating costs are different, just like a bottle of pure water. There must be a difference between the sales prices of street stores and large supermarkets in the city center.

All in all, under the premise of a reasonable pricing mechanism, the quality of the product determines the price. Trailers are the money-making tool for our customers to survive, so you must choose a good trailer. Prudence can’t just look at the price, but also can’t blindly pursue brand worship. Instead, we must tailor our vehicles to suit our own actual conditions. In fact, the right one is the best.


You can download video, you can learn about different types of lowbed semi-trailers, like 2axle, 3axle, 4axle lowbed semi trailer, hydraulic ladder lowbed semi trailer, etc. As well as the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.

Lowbed Semi Trailers Video


This kind of semi trailer was designed with lots of advantages and features. If you want to get more information, please don't hesitate to make contact with us.