What is a detachable lowboy trailer used for?

TITAN VEHICLE | 2020-05-19
What is a detachable lowboy trailer used for?


lowboy trailer is commonly used to haul heavy equipment and machinery, such as excavators, bulldozers, and other large construction equipment. The lowboy trailer is perfect for hauling large equipment like this because they are usually tall and wide and would exceed the standard legal height and weight restrictions. The removable gooseneck trailer has a trailer frame and a gooseneck connection, which can be separated from each other.


Difference between lowboy trailer and lowbed trailer

Lowboy trailer for sale has many different names in different countries around the world, such as RGN trailer, detachable gooseneck trailer, folding gooseneck lowboy trailers, hydraulic low bed trailer, removable gooseneck trailer, front loading rgn lowboy trailer, and military lowboy trailer for sale.

Loading method for gooseneck trailer: cargo is loaded from the front. The detachable gooseneck cargo table is only 85 cm, the center of gravity is very low, so the stability and security are very good. As you can see, the heavy duty lowboy trailer can transport ultra-high and medium-sized equipment and machine. There are two front loading and unloading methods, folding gooseneck lowboy trailer and split detachable gooseneck trailer.

What is a detachable lowboy trailer used for

Different loading methods

RGN trailer gooseneck can be unloaded. For lowbed trailer, heavy cargo are loaded from the rear. However, when using RGN trailers, the cargo is loaded from the front. Loading with lowbed trailers, you cannot lower it any further. That means you can’t work without auxiliary equipment for lifting cargo and loading it onto the trailer. 

Different weight and height capacity

Weight and height considerations are some of the considerations to make in your choice of a trailer. Detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer is the best type to transport cargo that is heavy and tall especially when these two parameters exceed the standard set by the law. While a lowbed trailer can help you in such occasions, RGN can take relatively higher capacity and dimensions of cargo. 

For standard cargo, you can go for a lowbed semi trailer. If they are a concern for you, go for detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer. However, an RGN lowboy trailer may not be an economically feasible option.

Different trailer structures

The detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer offers you with a more durable and strong structure compared to a lowbed semi trailer. Due to the detachable design of the gooseneck and the need for a lower working platform as provided by the lowboy trailer option, high strength material with a rational design has been put in place.


What are the types of split gooseneck lowboy trailer?

Folding lowboy trailer:

The front part of the folding gooseneck trailer can be folded down to the ground, and their long decks are suitable for long and heavy cargo.

Advantage: 80 ton lowboy trailer is lighter and cheaper, reducing additional maintenance costs for the hydraulic system.

Disadvantages: This type of trailer is more difficult and slower to raise and lower than hydraulic systems.

What is a detachable lowboy trailer used for

TITAN front folding lowboy trailer for sale


Hydraulic rgn lowboy trailer:

Hydraulic RGN trailers are widely used in the heavy transportation industry and are the most common type of lowboy trailer. The gooseneck trailer uses hydraulic cylinders to remove the gooseneck. When loading, the heavy equipment lowboy trailer can be lowered and raised as needed.

Advantage: Compared with other types of detachable gooseneck trailers, it is the simplest and fastest disassembly method.

Disadvantage: Military lowboy trailer is heavy and the deck length is short, the hydraulic system increases maintenance requirements and costs.

What is a detachable lowboy trailer used for?

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Cargo weight: Please select the correct model to transport your cargo. If you plan to transport more than 70 tons of cargo, please consider buying a low-profile loader, RGN trailer and foldable gooseneck trailer.

The split gooseneck has a high load capacity and can transport heavy objects. In addition, the lower deck ensures that heavy objects remain stable during transportation.

Loading process: The process may be easier if you choose the correct model.

Although RGN and low loaders are very suitable for loading heavy goods, if you use lifting equipment, ordinary trailers may be the best choice. Most low-bed trailers are loaded from the front or rear.

When you need to remove the gooseneck from the tractor so that the gooseneck remains attached to the trailer frame. Secure the safety hook with a pin to fix the gooseneck in place and prevent the gooseneck from tipping forward.

Cargo dimension: It is important to consider the dimensions of your cargo when choosing a trailer model. Consider the width and height, especially if your country has height limitations for transportation vehicles.

If the height of your cargo is too high, choose a low loader, an RGN trailer, or folding gooseneck trailers. The models allow you to lower the rear part and reduce the total height of the cargo.

What is a detachable lowboy trailer used for?

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How to Detach the Removable Gooseneck trailer?

When preparing to remove the gooseneck, you must first link the towing pin with the towing saddle. There are many types of removable gooseneck low-bed trailers. Most split gooseneck operating principles are the same. The following are the steps for detaching the gooseneck of our hydraulic low bed trailer for your reference:

Step 1: Remove the positioning pin and the air pipe and wire connection

Step 2: As the gooseneck height decreases, the bottom angle of the front end of the semi-trailer lowers to the ground and rests on the ground. Once all the linkages have been safely removed, lower the cargo platform.

Step 3: Drive the gooseneck with the truck and drive the tractor far enough away

Step 4: After driving off the truck, you can now load comfortably from the front of the trailer bed.


Through the video below, you can learn about different types of lowboy semi-trailers(like 3 axle detachable gooseneck lowboy trailers, 4 axle lowboy trailer, 3 line 6 axle heavy duty lowboy trailer, folding gooseneck trailer)

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