One thousand tons is nothing, the special way of transportation for large vehicles

TITAN VEHICLE | 2020-03-24
One thousand tons is nothing, the special way of transportation for large vehicles

For large scale transportation, many people are not unfamiliar, and often see large scale transportation vehicles on the road. But, we generally see single trailer transportation. In fact, in the large-scale transportation industry, two or even more trucks are often required to transport some particularly heavy goods. Today, let’s take a look at the various ways of large-scale transportation.


Single truck head hauls large equipments for transportation

Suitable for large scale transportation of cargoes weighing less than 250 tons.

Single truck head traction generally uses large size transport trucks and semi trailers (or hydraulic semi trailers), which is also the most common mode of transport. It is not much different from general cargo transportation, and the difficulty is low.

Single truck head hauls and pushing transport

Suitable for large scale transportation of cargoes weighing less than 350 tons.

This mode of transport can use semi trailer or drawbar trailer. When the cargo being transported is too heavy and a vehicle has insufficient power, a truck head needs to be added to the rear of the trailer, and the rear end of the trailer and the front of the truck are connected by a push-rod tripod to allow rear traction. The cart is driven by a trailer, so it is also called overhead cart transport.

It is worth noting that the rear truck also needs to add appropriate counterweights to increase the adhesion of the rear vehicle tires, which can give full play to the power of the rear vehicle and prevent the rear vehicle from slipping when it is exerting force. As a simple example, when a little girl pushes an object that is much heavier than herself, not only the sole of the foot cannot be pushed, but also the slip, but if it is a strong man to push, it may not be pushed, but the sole of the foot slips. May be reduced a lot.

As for how much the counterweight should be, it needs to be calculated according to the total weight of the cargo, the number of trucks and the power of the engine. Because large scale transportation belongs to private custom transportation, the cargo and weight of each trip may be different. How much weight should be analyzed.

Two truck heads traction and pushing transport

Suitable for large scale transportation of cargoes weighing less than 500 tons.

The two truck heads traction and pushing transport generally uses a heavy duty hydraulic modular trailer, which can evenly distribute the weight of the cargo to each tire. The two trucks at the front are connected to the front beam of the trailer by a hinge, and the two trucks at the rear are also linked to the rear beam of the trailer by a hinge.

The four trucks work at the same time, and they take the power on average for normal transportation. This transportation method has higher requirements for road surface and terrain. Rear trucks also need counterweights to ensure adequate power.

Multi truck head traction and pushing transport

Suitable for large scale transportation of cargoes weighing more than 500 tons.

Besides to the two truck head traction and pushing transportation above, when encountering heavier cargo, multi truck head traction and pushing transportation will be used to ensure enough power to transport.

For example, this picture is shown above. This time, the Arabs used 10 Mercedes Actros SLT to transport 1,048 tons of reactors from the Arabian coast to the southeast of the country. They were successfully transported by 6 truck head traction and 4 truck push.

Precautions for multi truck (more than one) transportation

Report in advance and survey the route; most of the large scale transportation is over limit transportation, especially the two trucks traction and multi trucks traction methods mentioned above are mostly wide, overloaded, and long. This type of large scale transportation must be reported in advance by the relevant departments, and organized by the relevant departments to travel within the prescribed time and route.

The driving route must also be checked in advance to see if the road can withstand such weight. Extra large and important large scale transportation may need to repair roads and bridges to complete the transportation. Sichuan Province has built a special large scale transportation road for large scale transportation.

Relevant departments open the road when necessary to limit the flow of time; large and large transports like this must have traffic police to open the road and road supervision to ensure the safety of transportation. When necessary, some road sections with heavy traffic will be restricted in advance.

In the process of driving, the cooperation of multi trucks is very important. According to industry insiders, the most basic and most important way to drive on general roads is to use the same configuration of vehicles to keep the gears consistent and the speed to be consistent, and to ensure the consistency of vehicle speeds through vehicle parameters.

When turning uphill and downhill, walkie-talkie communication is used to average the power to each trucks. If the load of any one of the truck trailers is too heavy, it will cause indelible damage to the vehicle engine and other components, and it is also very technical for the driver. The big test, in general, this kind of transportation will be done by experienced drivers.

Different modes of large-scale transportation also have different difficulties. Both the driver and the vehicle, or the entire fleet have extremely high requirements. This is one of the reasons why the transportation cost of large scale transportation is higher than that of general cargo transportation.


Today ’s article just lists what I ’ve heard of before. There may be other different modes of transportation. You can leave a message to share.


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