Paint types for detachable gooseneck rgn lowboy semi trailers

TITAN VEHICLE | 2020-03-19
Paint types for detachable gooseneck rgn lowboy semi trailers


Lowboy truck trailer from TITAN Vehicle adopt the best paint and spray processes.


We found that many people’s trailers had peeled and rusted after a short period of use. This rust marks not only damage the aesthetics of the vehicle, but also reduce the strength of the material and reduce the service life of the vehicle. 

Why does the paint fall off within a short period of use? The main reason is that the paint process of the vehicle itself is not perfect.

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There are three main types of paint technology for semi trailers:


1. Traditional spray paint:

The advantages of traditional spray paint are simple process and low cost.

However, the shortcomings are also obvious. The paint surface has not strong adhesion and is easy to fall off. The thickness of the construction is difficult to reach the standard thickness. The spraying surface is prone to dead spots.

For spray painting, it must be sandblasted before construction, especially for welding parts. The paint surface directly covers the welding slag and dust, which will easily cause the paint to fall off. In the choice of paint, one needs to use polyester paint or fluorocarbon paint. Ordinary paint can not reach the open-air operation and the required corrosion resistance standard.


2. Electrophoretic primer + spray paint:

This process makes up for the shortcomings of insufficient thickness of colored electrophoretic paint films. But also faces the problems of traditional spray paint on the topcoat, the most prominent of which is the prone to dead spots, the thickness of the paint surface is uneven and it is difficult to control a reasonable thickness.


3. Electrophoretic primer + dusting:

This process is based on electrophoresis, through the corona discharge, the topcoat powder is evenly adhered to the body, and then the topcoat is formed by melting at high temperature.

Its advantages just make up for the shortcomings of spray paint, it can form a standard 60 ~ 120μm top coat thickness in a balanced manner, there will be no dead corners when sprayed, the paint surface has no flow marks, and its adhesion is much stronger than spray paint.

In terms of corrosion resistance, the powder spray paint surface has no change in salt spray resistance for 1000hr, and no humidity and heat resistance for 500hr. There should be no bubbles or rust in salt spray, 5% salt water at 35 degrees Celsius, and continuous spray for 400 hours without change.


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Many drivers will think that the semi-trailer paint is more beautiful and has little effect on the use of the vehicle. However, the service life of the vehicle will always decrease quickly from an angle that we cannot see with the naked eye.

Thus, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the vehicle. The paint on the trailer is not just for the sake of good-looking. I hope it can attract the attention of friends.


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