How to check your 40ft container skeletal trailer with 4 ways?

TITAN VEHICLE | 2020-03-19
How to check your 40ft container skeletal trailer with 4 ways?


As truck drivers, we can inspect vehicles in four ways: touch, smell, see, and listen. To achieve early development and early maintenance, so that the 40ft skeleton trailer is always in a good condition in order to meet each transport task.


1. Touch: Perceive by touch

Use your hands to feel the temperature, and you can judge some faults of the vehicle through the temperature perception.

After the vehicle runs for a period of time, keep the hand and the shaft head at a distance of 2 cm. There is no burning feeling, which indicates that the bearing is working normally. If the burning feeling is strong, maintenance of the wheel is required.

You can also judge whether the warm air or air conditioner works normally by sensing the temperature with your hands. Conditional card friends can buy a temperature measuring gun to measure the working temperature of each part to determine whether the work is normal or not.

Friendly reminder: Do not touch the exhaust pipe, water tank, supercharger and other high temperature parts with your hands.


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2. Nose smell: smell through the nose

A working vehicle has its own unique taste.

If the engine burns oil, it will usually have a harsh smell. If there is a sudden strange smell in the 40ft skeleton trailer, you should stop and check in time. If it is diesel, you should check the oil circuit. If there is an exhaust smell, you should check the exhaust system.

Circuit overload, short circuit will emit a relatively pungent rubber smell, you can judge the fault point according to the direction of the source of strong odor. Abnormal wear of clutches and brake pads will also give off a more pungent smell.

Although you can judge the malfunction of the vehicle by smelling it through your nose, do not smell too strong for a long time, so as to avoid poisoning by inhaling toxic gas.


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3. Eyes: careful examination is key

Observing and inspecting the vehicle with your eyes is the most direct and effective way.

It is recommended that everyone use the car detour to check the 40ft skeleton trailer. Start walking around the front of the vehicle to see if there are foreign objects trapped in the tires, and to see if the attachments on the frame show signs of loose screws. If there are cracks at the joints of the components, check whether the goods on the trailer are strapped firmly. When stopping, you can raise the cab to check whether the oil, antifreeze, and adequacy are available.

Find a clean paper case under the car, drill into the bottom of the main car and trailer, and check whether there are loose screws, abnormal parts and pipelines on the bottom, which is difficult to see. Often the more hidden place is the place where our daily inspection vehicles are easily overlooked, so don’t be afraid to get dirty, and have time to drill down and inspect.


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4. Hearing: judge by abnormal noise

An experienced driver can judge whether the vehicle is normal and where there is a problem by listening to the sound of the vehicle running with his ears. This is not bragging; it is based on facts.

Under normal conditions, all parts of the vehicle run smoothly and the sound is relatively consistent. Take the engine as an example: only the sound of the valves, oil pumps, and air pumps can be heard, and the sound of the supercharger can be heard when the vehicle is driving. Once the engine fails, the sound will be special, so experienced drivers can use the sound to judge the working status of the vehicle.

In daily driving, you can pay attention to the normal sound of your vehicle, and try to keep the normal sound in mind. Card friends who deal with cars every day should be familiar with their vehicle sounds. Once there are abnormal noises, stop in time to check, check according to the source of the sound, and deal with any problems in a timely manner.


The daily inspection of your 40ft skeleton trailer is very important. Although the quality of TITAN semi trailer is relatively reliable, it cannot be separated from human care. The above-mentioned several methods of checking vehicles are commonly used in the maintenance of vehicles, hoping to help you in daily driving.


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