Fence semi trailer buying guide - Reduce the cost of fuel

TITAN VEHICLE | 2020-06-17
Fence semi trailer buying guide - Reduce the cost of fuel


Fuel is a more important part of the economic burden for fence semi trailer friends, but they often encounter the theft of oil from the fuel tank. 

So how to prevent the oil in the fuel tank from being stolen? We have screened out some more practical methods to see if they are useful to everyone.


The empirical methods summarized by truck drivers:

1. Control the amount of fuel in the drop side trailer tank.

This is the experience summarized by many fence semi trailer friends, which is very practical. The fuel quantity and distance need to be calculated in advance to ensure that there is not too much diesel in the fuel tank during the break. Truck friends do not have to worry about being stolen, you can rest assured a little.

2. Lock the fuel tank cap, add a net to the fuel tank port, and install a baffle.

These are the most common basic installation methods, and the effect is better than nothing, right?

3. Choose the right place to park.

At night, try to rest in a guarded, monitored and bright parking lot or service area, where thieves are generally difficult to get started.

4. The fuel tank is close to the wall or close to the same vehicle.

This method can be used anytime, anywhere. When parking, place one side of the fuel tank against a wall, a flower stand, a barricade or other vehicles. In short, I wanted to block the fuel tank so that the thief could not steal.

5. Install livestock trailer fuel tank anti-theft alarm.

Without knowing the thief, the alarm sounded suddenly, in addition to playing a certain deterrent role, it can also attract the attention of the surrounding.


TITAN 3 axle fence semi trailer with stake for sale


Police advise:

Truck drivers need to pay particular attention when parking at night. The vehicle must be parked in a manned place. At the same time, the parking area with monitoring and bright lights should be selected as much as possible.

If you find that your cargo truck ’s diesel oil is stolen, you should first choose to call the police and provide the police with the license plate number, the time of the theft, the location of the theft, and the last time and amount of refueling. If you are in a hurry, you can leave the relevant information so that the police can further investigate the case.


Fuel saving method while driving:

In addition to preventing thieves from stealing oil, we will share some fuel-saving methods for everyone.

The cargo semi trailer driver's mentality and driving skill level have a more direct impact on fuel consumption. According to measurements, Drivers with different technical proficiency can save fuel by 8% to 10%.


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1. Please close the high-speed windows

In order to save fuel, it is not advisable to turn off the air conditioner at high speed and open the windows to ventilate. This is not desirable. When the speed is higher than 85 kilometers per hour, the wind resistance after opening the window consumes more fuel than the air conditioning system consumes. Let the fuel economy index drop by 10%.

2. Frequently replace wearing fence semi trailer parts

Vehicle consumables, such as air filters, gasoline filters, and oil filters, should be replaced in a timely manner, and every 5,000 kilometers or more, because the blockage of the air filter will reduce the amount of gas, resulting in insufficient gasoline combustion And reduce fuel efficiency.

3. Appropriate tire pressure

Check the tire pressure regularly to ensure that the tire pressure is normal. Underinflating a tire can have a very negative effect on tire performance and durability. Too high or low tire pressure will shorten tire life and increase fuel consumption.

The quality of the tire has a great impact on fuel consumption. Compared with products of the same specifications, high-quality brand fuel-saving tires can reduce fuel consumption by an average of 2%.


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