Different types of 2 axle 40ft container chassis for sale

TITAN VEHICLE | 2020-06-28
Different types of 2 axle 40ft container chassis for sale

2 axle 40ft container chassis trailers can take containers with dimensions of 20ft or 40ft.

The loading capacity for our trailers ranges from 40 tons - 60 tons. For heavyweight applications, you may want to consider having the 60 tons option. However, the 40 tons option could just be enough for most containers that you want to transport. This is a very important aspect to look at in your choice for a 2 axle 40ft container chassis.

Based on the axle configuration, TITAN commonly uses 2 axles. We can also customize 3 axle container chassis for different demands. All these options will be made available to you based on your needs.

Owing to its application and use, the container chassis trailer is constructed of high strength material such as Q345 steel. It is a robust structure designed and constructed to get you the services you need without many Fabrication is done through quality welding techniques that are tried and tested to ensure that the trailer meets high standards of quality.


Different types of 2 axle 40ft container chassis:

There are different designs for container chassis trailers based on their application and use. Each one of them is drawn from the desired transportation means and where it will be used.

This gives you guidance on what type of container chassis trailer you should buy. One option may call for the stacking of containers together whereas others are transported one by one along the road.


1. Common container chassis:

This is normally a simple fixed structure without much sophistication used to carry and transport containers from one point to another.

The framework is usually made of steel. This is where the containers get loaded and offloaded through the use of overhead cranes.

2 axle 40ft container chassis can be used for the transportation of containers of various lengths: 20ft or 40ft.

The common container trailer chassis is easy to use and affordable. However, you will need auxiliary equipment such as the overhead cranes for loading and offloading the containers from the chassis.


TITAN 2 axle 40ft container chassis for sale


2. Container tipping chassis

The striking feature with the 2 axle 40ft container tipping chassis trailer is a mechanism that makes it easy to unload the container. That means it comes with a somewhat different structure from other types of container trailers.

The hydraulic system mounted on the upper platform facilitates the offloading process causing the container to tilt upwards to offload cargo. In such an arrangement, no external equipment will be required for offloading cargo from the container.

Obviously, the features of the tilt container chassis come at an additional cost. However, it presents a very convenient option for use in the transportation of cargo using containers.It is definitely one of the safest means of offloading shipping containers. 


Different types of 2 axle 40ft container chassis for sale

2 axle 40ft container tipping chassis trailer for sale


3. Extendable container chassis

This type of 2 axle 40ft container chassis can adapt to the different size of containers. The extendable container chassis can either be long or short based on the prevailing operations need. This is the typical container chassis trailer to go for varying container lengths in your operations.

With this type of structure, you can transport a sealed container across different countries and states because of the ability to make adjustments to meet the local standards set for it.

While making the adjustments to the container chassis, it is always advisable to remember the need to have a greater chassis length than the size of the container or load. Loading on the frame must be placed at the bed center to keep the entire trailer in a stable and balanced position.


4. 40ft sideloader container chassis

TITAN sideloader container chassis is a type of specialized semi-trailer that is used to hoist and transport standard containers over long distances.

Also known as a container side lifter, this trailer is basically used for container transfer. It comprises of lift modules or cranes that are installed to the trailer chassis. These lifting components can also be fitted onto a sub-frame usually mounted on a truck.


Anyone doing imports or exports will definitely need to use a container chassis trailer. It is the intermediary between other means of transportation and the cargo’s destination.

Based on the weight and size of cargo to be transported, one can choose from the various container chassis trailers designed for different applications and use.

At TITAN, you will get to find a container chassis trailer suited for your needs. Every choice is suitably made to get you the most economically feasible option to use.



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