2 Axle 40ft Terminal Port Trailer for Sale in Madagascar

TITAN Terminal Trailer | 2020-12-23
2 Axle 40ft Terminal Port Trailer for Sale in Madagascar


The subdivision areas of the freight industry are very diverse, and different areas have different requirements for transportation vehicles, which gave rise to the concept of "specialized vehicles". As we all know, container transportation requires the use of skeleton trailers, which transport containers from the docks to all parts of the country. But do you know what kind of semi trailer is used to transport containers from the cargo ship to the distribution center in the terminal? The answer is a special transfer vehicle for the Terminal Port Trailer. Today I will introduce a TITAN 40ft Terminal Port Trailer.

TITAN 40ft Terminal Port Trailer is a special skeleton trailer used for container loading and unloading and transportation operations inside the terminal. The 40ft Terminal Port Trailer is 12 meters long and can be used for transportation of 20-foot and 40-foot international standard containers.

2 Axle 40ft Terminal Port Trailer for Sale in Madagascar

2 Axle 40ft Terminal Port Trailer for Sale in Madagascar

How do you fix a container?

In order to improve the loading and unloading efficiency of the operating driver, a container-oriented positioning device is installed on the Bomb Cart Trailer to quickly locate the container on the Bomb Cart Trailer . One integral guide positioning device is welded on the front, four guide positioning devices are welded on the left and right sides, two reversible guide positioning devices are installed at the rear, and four spring locks are also installed. When stacking a 40-foot container, the rear guide positioning device is turned over, and the front and side positioning devices are added to accurately locate the surrounding 40-foot container. When stacking two 20-foot containers, the front and rear containers are placed in sequence, and the rear reversible guide positioning device is stowed. The front and side positioning devices and 4 spring locks can accurately position the surroundings of two 20-foot containers.

2 Axle 40ft Terminal Port Trailer for Sale in Madagascar

Different types of terminal trailer

Bomb Cart Trailer Feature:

During the design and manufacture of the Bomb Cart Trailer, the total load (occasionally up to 60 tons) on the Terminal semi trailer when loading and unloading two 20-foot standard containers at the same time is fully considered, and it can withstand frequent impact loads. The entire transfer vehicle uses high-quality Q345 panels as structural raw materials. The frame is a skeleton type, the longitudinal beam adopts an I-beam structure, the rear section height is 530mm, the upper wing plate thickness is 16 mm, the lower wing plate thickness is 20 mm, and the web thickness is 10 mm.

In order to ensure that each set of guiding and positioning devices have sufficient strength, the crossbeam here adopts a through type, the lower part of the crossbeam has reinforced diagonal braces, and the side has a reinforced triangle box. The adjacent two sets of positioning devices are connected by a frame. In order to increase the impact resistance and torsion resistance of the frame, a reinforced suspension with a 70mm center pin is adopted. The crossbeam at the suspension adopts an I-shaped structure.

Bomb Cart Trailer detailsBomb Cart Trailer details

Terminal semi trailer is mainly used in ships, ports, routes, roads, transit stations, bridges, tunnels, matching multimodal logistics system.

This terminal trailer is adjustable to meet your desired maneuverability conditions for loading and offloading. Adjustments to axle spacing can also be made based on your needs. It has a simple structure. It comprises a simple truck chassis but of rugged construction. Specifically for a variety of container transport, customers can choose according to their own needs to change how many locks that may, all the accessories have been 20 years of experience in the use supplier of choice, long-term repeated use, with sufficient strength.


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