Tri axle low loader trailer for sale in Mozambique

TITAN Lowbed Trailer | 2020-11-05
Tri axle low loader trailer for sale in Mozambique


Lowbed Trailer are usually used to transport a variety of machinery and equipment, heavy equipment, highway construction equipment, large tank body, power station equipment, and various excavators, and are used to transport heavy vehicles (such as tractors, coaches, Subway truck head, etc.), rail vehicles, mining machinery, forestry machinery, construction machinery (such as excavators, bulldozers, loaders, pavers, cranes, etc.) and other heavy-duty cargo.

The lower the platform height of the tri axle low loader trailer for sale, the better the stability and safety. Our low loader has a large carrying capacity when transporting extra high and medium cargo. 


TITAN's lowbed semi trailer will spray thick wax on the outer layer and wrap it with rain cloth to prevent seawater erosion. There are some unscrupulous merchants, in order to save costs and maximize profits, there is no wax and rain cloth. When the final customer received the semi-trailer, a large area of ​​the semi-trailer was rusted. Compared with these unscrupulous merchants, TITAN's service quality is more humane and more textured.

Here are some pictures of the package tri axle low loader trailer.

tri axle low loader trailer package


Here are some point of low loader trailer for sale:

In infrastructure construction sites, since excavators and loaders are not easy to move by themselves on ordinary roads, vehicles need to be used for transportation. If a non-professional low loader truck trailer is used for transportation, it is likely to have a serious impact on the chassis of the transportation vehicle, and if the binding is not stable, it is easy to slip and fall, which will not only cause certain damage to the excavator itself, but also may injure the surrounding people, vehicles, etc. Security is not guaranteed.

TITAN low loader trailer specializes in transporting mechanical products such as excavators, loaders and harvesters. It adopts well-known channel steel and has strong support for the whole vehicle. The bucket and stringer design are more durable. The vehicle is equipped with a rear ladder, which can be lowered to reduce the climbing angle of the loader, excavator and other trailers, and is equipped with high-strength springs to easily retract the rear ladder.

In order to avoid large-scale rolling of the tires during transportation, the bottom plate is equipped with anti-skid strips and limit devices, which can effectively reduce the activities of the towed vehicle during transportation and improve transportation safety.

The appearance of the TITAN low bed trailer transporter continues the usual youthful style. The silver panels on both sides are very metallic, which increases the recognition of the vehicle and integrates well with the headlights. The front cover uses a black panel, combined with the body's blue paint and silver elements, bringing a richer visual experience.

tri axle low loader trailer for sale details


How to load cargos on top of low loader trailers?

When loading mechanical equipment on a low bed trailer, the mechanical equipment is usually loaded from the rear of the semi-trailer, that is, the mechanical equipment is moved from the rear wheel frame or the wheels are removed, and then the mechanical equipment is fixed on the semi-trailer on.

1. Rear ramp loading: Equipped with a fixed neck at the front and a climbing ramp at the rear of the Tri axle lowbed trailer, no need procedure to detach neck, just put down the mechanical/hydraulic ramp then you can load and unload equipment directly. By this means construction machines need the strong ability to climb the high ramp. Loaded by a ramp at the rear side of the trailer, because of trailer wheels, the height of the rear side is higher, so the loading ramp should be very long then the machine able to climb on it. 

2. Side-loading: This method requires a wide-open yard for the loading, which is hard to achieve in most scenarios. If goods are on a platform, and the height of the platform is near the height of the trailer’s deck, this would be a good solution for loading.

3. Front-loading: With detachable(removable) gooseneck, when removing the neck from 80t low bed trailer, the slope design of the front deck enables construction machines to climb up/down freely.

tri axle low loader trailer for sale


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