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Windmill Blade Trailer

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1. What is windmill blade transport trailer?

Wind Turbine Blade Transport Trailer for transport rotor blade, wind blades. That is best solution to avoid obstacles, such as buildings and trees effectively, especially running on steep hills or narrow winding mountainous roads.

Fan equipment mainly includes wind blades, nacelles, hubs and towers, and each component is an over-limit item for ordinary road transportation, which requires professional vehicles for transportation and assemble a wind turbine. So wind turbine transportation companies need it.

For wind blades, the length is extremely long, which becomes the main feature that distinguishes it from other equipments. Considering the particularity of wind turbine blade length, the currently constructed mountain wind farms generally use semi-trailers combined with high-power tractors to complete the transportation of longest wind turbine blades.

wind blade transport adaptor drawing


2. Two types of wind turbine blade trailer:

(1) Ordinary extendable flatbed trailer

This transport method generally uses ordinary extendable telescopic trailer to transport wind blades. The characteristics of this vehicle are that it can be extended and retracted to accommodate blades of different lengths.

(2) Windmill blade transport trailer

This transportation method generally uses a special blade transportation vehicle with blade lifting-rotating-hydraulic rear wheel steering. The special vehicle can lift the blades through hydraulic control and rotate itself 360 degrees during driving, avoiding various obstacles during transportation (mountain slopes, trees, houses, bridges, tunnels, etc.), which can greatly reduce the blades. The total length of the transport vehicle body can improve the curve passing performance.


3. Differences between wind blade transport adaptor and telescopic extendable trailers

(1) Advantages of turbine blade transport trailer

The blade rotates flexibly, and the transformation cost is small. The blade sweeping area of ​​the special vehicle blade lifting and transportation method is larger than that of an ordinary flat-bed truck. The blade sweeping area is large, and the area involved in the renovation project in the curve is reduced by about 10 times.

Blades can be transported by lifting, which can better avoid high mountains and cliffs, or house buildings, so about achieve rapid blade transportation. At the same time, this method can also reduce the cost of road reconstruction and house demolition, which can help improve blade transportation efficiency and engineering benefits.

(2) Disadvantages of wind blade adapter trailer

1. High transportation costs. The transportation cost of using special vehicles is higher than that of ordinary flatbeds. For a wind farm with an installed capacity of 50MW, if it is transported by special vehicles, the transportation cost will increase by about 3.5 million yuan.

2. There is a lot of work to clear the height limit. After the blade is lifted, the height is high, and the net height along the line is increased. Compared with ordinary flatbed transportation, it will increase the removal of height-limiting objects (such as cross-road cables, pipes, branches, etc.).

3. Need to increase weight. Since the blade’s center of gravity increases after the blade is lifted, it is not conducive to stable transportation. It is necessary to place a weight on the front of the vehicle and avoid windy weather transportation.

wind blade transport adaptor VS telescopic extendable trailers


In the actual process of fan blade transportation, it is necessary to choose a suitable fan blade transportation method according to the transportation route and the surrounding environment, comprehensively considering the transportation cost and the road transportation condition transformation cost.


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