3 axle dry bulk cement tanker trailer for sale in Ghana

TITAN VEHICLE | 2020-08-21
3 axle dry bulk cement tanker trailer for sale in Ghana


TITAN cement tanker trailer is mainly used in the logistics system of engineering construction, long-distance freight, transfer station, and professional powder material transportation.

The TITAN bulk cement tank trailer has only one silo, simple structure and beautiful appearance. The tank uses a fluidized structure without side plates, which is convenient for daily maintenance. The design of the tank without a brace structure meets the lightweight requirements of the vehicle.

When unloading, the initial pressure build-up in the tank (allowing the gas pressure to reach a certain value) takes a short time, the unloading speed is fast, and the remaining material is small. The operation is very simple during the unloading operation. The whole vehicle is light in weight and has a low center of gravity. The driving is relatively stable, transporting cement, fly ash and other media.


TITAN 3 axle bulk cement trailer for sale in Ghana

TITAN 3 axle bulk cement trailer for sale in Ghana


Recently, the order volume of TITAN 3 axle cement tanker trailer has increased wildly. Most of the customers who order cars abroad require high-quality semi-trailers and transport  lots of goods. To this end, TITAN recommends bulk cement tank trailer with light body weight, more loading, and good quality. It is small in size and easy to operate, which is widely welcomed by customers.The 3 axle bulk cement tanker trailer will be sent to Ghana.


TITAN bulk cement tanker trailer advantage:

High floor area ratio: the effective rate is nearly 100%, which can produce greater value compared with similar products.

At the same time, TITAN bulk cement tanker also has the characteristics of fast unloading speed: the instantaneous speed can reach 1.4t/min, which is convenient for customers to operate, saves customers' time and cost, and improves efficiency.

Finally, and most importantly, the operability advantages of TITAN bulk cement tanker: compact structure, small turning radius, convenient for customers to use.


3 axle dry bulk cement tanker trailer details

TITAN 3 axle bulk cement carrier trailer details display


What is the structure of the TITAN bulk cement tanker?

1. From the perspective of tank structure, bulk cement tanker is equipped with high-strength alloy steel from well-known steel plants at home and abroad, with good performance and reliable welding; the tank adopts advanced technology to ensure high strength and sealing of the tank Good performance; adopts throat-type fluidized bed, no side slide structure, gas and material separation device and safe discharge device, which effectively reduces the weight of the vehicle and improves the discharge speed.

2. From the perspective of power plant, the power system can choose the main vehicle to take power, which saves costs and is easy to operate; it can also be equipped with a traditional diesel engine transmission; it can also be driven by a motor to reduce fuel consumption and effectively save costs for customers. The choice makes it easier for customers to choose a source of power.

3. The suspension system of the cement tanker trailer adopts the high-strength and light-wearing suspension of a well-known domestic brand. It is composed of tandem lightweight leaf springs, high-strength tie rods and supports to ensure the load balance of each axle and effectively prevent the vehicle from running off and gnawing tires.

4. The braking system of the vehicle adopts a dual pipeline braking system, equipped with imported relay valve, pneumatic main vehicle braking system and ABS anti-lock braking system to ensure the safe driving of the vehicle.

5. In addition, TITAN bulk cement tanker adopts cast aluminum lightweight material cover: the cover can be easily lifted with one finger, the fasteners are all galvanized, and the unique design of the material port prevents the accumulation of materials, which greatly facilitates customers Use and reduce maintenance costs.

6. Finally, the vehicle body undergoes multiple processes such as shot blasting, sanding, cleaning, primer, intermediate coating, topcoat, and drying, which effectively improves paint film adhesion. The salt spray test proves that the body has strong corrosion resistance.


3 axle dry bulk cement tanker trailer details

TITAN 3 axle dry bulk tanker trailer for sale in Ghana details


What kind of working conditions are suitable?

1. The material loading and unloading has more advantages. The top gravity loading is convenient, the high-pressure pipeline is fast unloading, and the remaining material in the tank is less, which effectively reduces the loading and unloading time.

2. The axle adopts domestic well-known brands such as Fuwa. The reasonable combination is suitable for various road conditions including flat roads, mountain roads, hills, and dirt roads.

3. Fly ash, cement, lime powder, ore powder, etc., can be transported by TITAN cement tanker trailer. At the same time, TITAN specially designs the internal structure according to the characteristics of various materials to ensure transportation efficiency.


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