How much does a dump trailer cost? 2 units dump trailer for sale in Nigeria

TITAN VEHICLE | 2020-10-23
How much does a dump trailer cost? 2 units dump trailer for sale in Nigeria

What is a semi tipper trailer?

Tipper Semi Trailer are also called dump trailer, dumper trailer, tip trailer.

In civil engineering, it often works in conjunction with excavators, loaders, belt conveyors and other construction machinery. The dump trailer carriage adopts rear-dump and side -dump self-unloading methods, which improves the efficiency of the bulk cargo transport by the loader. The semi truck trailer tipper carriage is inclined at a certain angle, so that the cargo in the carriage is unloaded. The power of the dump truck trailer engine is used to complete the dumping mechanism.

How much does a dump trailer cost? 2 units dump trailer for sale in Nigeria

TITAN 3 axle 60 ton dump trailer for sale price - 16000USD


2 units dump trailer for sale in Nigeria

TITAN client Ahed is from Nigeria he would like to transport building materials such as sand, stones, ore, and scrap iron. We got his inquiry about semi trailer and talk more details by WhatsApp at the beginning, including Load and configuration details of the dump trailer. This customer also proposed the need for very good quality trailers, which can also help them maximize their benefits.

TITAN quality and service are very good, so the customer decides that all purchases will be customized in our factory.This is undoubtedly the biggest affirmation for TITAN VEHICLE. Of course, all our trailers can be customized according to customer needs.

2 units dump trailers ready to be sent to Nigeria


TITAN dump trailer advantages:

1. TITAN adopts high strength steel T700, offering all the durability of high-tensile-strength steel and unique structure design to maximize payload to increase your profitability.

2. This type of trailers could bear the bad road conditions. We reinforce the sides with high tensile strengthening rip and the channel steel reinforced enclosure shape design. The sides are welding molding which increasing the loading capacity. This type of dump trailers could be used for nearly 10 years.

3. Hydraulic cylinder: The heavy-duty cylinder with a wider diameter, stronger lifting capacity and higher height, which makes the lifting more stable and does not easy to roll over.

4. Vice beam: with 4 units vice beam, which can make the bottom of the box better bearing capacity, and will not easily deform. The lattice structure of the side door makes the side door more solid.

    Cross balance beam: There is a balance beam at the front and rear of the main beam, which can better support the beam and is not easy to deform.

5. Flip Bracket: 4 units flip brackets, which can make the rear end more evenly loaded during unloading, and it is not easy to damage the trailer.


Precautions for operating heavy duty dump trailers:

1. It is forbidden to disassemble and adjust the relief valve on the lift valve, otherwise, the tractor tipper trailer hydraulic system will lose its safety protection function and cause an accident.

2. Do not leave the tri axle end dump trailers for sale cylinder exposed to the air for more than 2 hours (more than 30 minutes in humid air) in a lifted state, otherwise it will cause oxidation and rust of the cylinder;

3. The hydraulic tank of the chassis tipper for sale auction is a special lifting cylinder. Don’t use the cylinder as a stable support for the dumper trailer for sale body.

4. When the dump truck trailer load cargo, we should ensure that the front and back and left and right loading are uniform. If you have too much cargo in front, semi tipper trailers for sale can overload the hydraulic system. Too much cargo is loaded behind the trailer, which will cause the tractor tipper trailer to tip over when unloading, and the left and right partial load will easily cause the cylinder to tip over.

5. When unloading, please make sure that the ground around the light weight semi tipper for sale is solid and flat, keep the semi trailer tipper stable, and ensure that the main chassis tipper for sale and the Scrap Tipper Trailer are in a straight line;

6. During the dumper trailer for sale lifting operation,  the operator must pay attention to the influence of lateral wind, because the long body of the dump semi trailer will cause the dumper trailer to roll over under the effect of lateral wind;

7. Don’t make the height of the cargo exceed the hydraulic tipper trailer back door. Be sure to open the drop side tipper rear door locking device before lifting and unloading, otherwise the cargo will be crowded at the rear of the tractor tipper trailer and the semi tipper trailer for sale will tip over when unloading;

8. During the lifting operation, the operator cannot leave the operating position, and no one can stand or walk in the vicinity of the work area.


Through the video below, you can learn about different types of tipper semi-trailers(like 2 axle dump semi trailers, 3 axle tipper trailer, U shape tipper semi trailer, tipping chassis semi trailer, flatbed dump trailer)

And the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.


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