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120-200 ton Lowbed Trailer

TITAN Vehicle offers lowbed semi trailer designed to carry 30 tons, 40 tons, 60 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons, 120 tons, 150tons. It's main cargo platform is low, which ensures the stability of transportation.
This is 120 Ton 18 Meter Long Low Bed Trailer Truck, loading capacity: 100-120 ton.TITAN supply 40/50/60 2/3/4 lowbed semi trailers for sale, low bed semi trailer capacity, specification, size, height.
TITAN 120 Ton Lowbed Trailer with Dolly can transport 120T cargos. The load can be up to 60 to 120 ton payload. Compared to common lowbed trailer, it usually used to transport heavy cargo. 
4 Axle 16-24m extendable low bed semi trailer to transport high duty machines and equipment.Loading capacity from 150 tons. It can custom made extension length to meet different requirements of transport.
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