Fuel Tanker Trailer

Titan Fuel tanker is specially used for the transportation of liquid goods, such as diesel, gasoline, lubricating oil, acid and alkali, and other chemical raw materials .we can accoring to your needs to design trailer:

-Tank material : carbon steel fuel tank trailer , stainless steel , aluminum alloy material .

-Tank volume : 30cbm to 90cbm according to your demands .

- Axle : 2 axles to 4 axles

-Suspension : machanical spring suspension , air suspension , bogie suspension .

-Compartment: 1 compartment to 7 compartments 

-Loading Mode : Top loading or bottom laoding mode 

Mian advantage :

1, We adopt felt board machine for welding the tank body , it realized one-time forming it will never case the welds -opened .this welding can also prolong the service life of the tank body ,the trailer used for more than 15 years .

2, Our tank is shaped by rolling machine , that can guarantee tank stable quality , avoid the deformation , leakage and cracking of tank body .the high quality welds ensure more than 15 years service life . 

About our painting :

Titan Vehicle builds the larges-scale modern plant and the most advanced tank car assembly line , coat line and process equipment ,the annual design and production capacity of which can reach 3000 with good equipment and process, the company can ensure the most excellent product quality . 

First , sandblasting for tank , then anti-rust chassis surface, one layer anti-corrosive primer ,two layers of top coats; our paint is polyurethane paint ,it has a strong paint film ,full gloss, strong adhesion ,water resistance. we can guarantee that the paint is not removing 6~7 years . by the way , if you need ,we can put your logo on the trailer .

For more detail , welcome to click video . 

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40,000 liters tri axle oil tank fuel tank truck trailer fuel tanker semi trailer for sale

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TITAN Fuel Tank Trailer Production workshop

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