Bulk Cement Tank Trailer

Titan Powder tanker refers to the transport of cement, coal powder, stone powder, flour, chemical powder 

and other bulk powder of special vehicles .the requirements for our powder tankers .first , Good tightness and pressure bearing.Second, have a certain discharge speed and enough conveying distance and speed.Third ,discharge should be clean, the remaining rate is not 0.3% of the total amount .

Welding advantages :

1 , Titan powder tank body adopts 620JJ Steel , is a typical high strength wear-resistant steel , this material is kind of anti-abrasive steel specially used for heavy industry , after grinding treatment , the material surface can reach 500--550 brinell hardness ,and then continue to maintain internal flexibility ,minimize surfce friction . this material 620JJ is three times as strong as the others .the trailer adopted this material used for more than 15 years in general , the service life is two times as length as Q235 steel material 's trailer .

2,The felt-board machine for welding the tank body : it realized one- time forming .it will never cause the welds-opened .this welding can also prolong the service life of the tank body . the trailer uses for mare than 15 years 

3, Our tank body is one-time forming , not only the production efficiency is improved ,the appearance is beautiful ,and the product quality is fully guaranteed . the high quality weld ensure no air leak ,and with long service life .

Core advantage :

1, The applicatin of UG/PRO-E and other advanced 3D design sofrware makes our effective tank vplume larger than before .Tide area fluidized bed with large angle of tank makes unloading faster and with lower residual .

2,Under the pressure of 0.2MPA , the average unloading rate of the powder tanker is not less than 1.2t/min, and the residual rate is not more than 0.3%.the remaining rate of 50tons of powder tank trailer is about 120kg 

3,Under normal circumstances ,35ton powder tank trailer ,the general discharge time will not exceed 26 minutes ,this has exceeded the national standards and industry standards. 

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