120 ton 4 axle Bulldozer Transport Lowboy Trailer

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Product Name : 120 ton 4 axle Bulldozer Transport Lowboy Trailer
Loading Capacity : 120 Ton
Brand : TITAN lowboy trailers
Axles : 4 axles, 13t, FUWA
Suspension : Heavy duty mechanical suspension
Braking system : WABCO

TITAN 120 ton 4 axle hydraulic detachable goose neck lowboy trailer For Bulldozer Transport

TITAN 4 axle hydraulic detachable goose neck lowboy trailer for transport excavator and construction equipment, large machinery transportation . The Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck Lowboy Trailer is ablso called front loading lowbed, detachable gooseneck lowbed, lowboy trailer, removable gooseneck lowbed trailer. With our increased cylinder stroke you can raise the trailer chassis as high as possible off the ground depending on the truck fifth wheel height. And detachable gooseneck 100 ton lowboy trailer for sale is with high tensile steel frame to ensure high load requirements on the bad road condition. To meet your transport needs and your local regulations, we can customize different configuration Hydraulic removable detachable goose neck lowboy for you.

Features - TITAN Hydraulic gooseneck lowboy trailers

  • Hydraulic gooseneck lowboy trailer, easy for construction equipment 

  • High tensile structure steel with tensile and durable construction

  • The lower working platform height for transport of high and voluminous loads.

  • 250 mm side swing bracket on the both sides to increase the overall width of the trailer.

  • 100 -120t loading capacity,4 Axles, Heavy duty mechanical spring suspension.


BrandTITAN 120 Ton Lowbed Trailer
Overall dimension17000mm X 3000mm X 1800mm
working platform height650mm
Loading capacity 120 ton
Axle4 axles
Suspension Heavy duty mechanical suspension
Tire16 units
Landing gearJOST
Brake systemWABCO
King pin


Electical system24V, LED lights



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