Success Cases

TITAN 80t Lowbed trailer for our Djibouti Client!


Hope everybody doing fine in this comfortable September. And today I want to share a good news with you guys. 

TITAN VEHICLE, as the pro heavy haul semi trailers manufacturer in China. Like 100 ton -120 ton lowbed trailersmulti-axle low loader semi trailers, front loading Lowboy trailers etc. And a month ago,we begin to produce the 80t lowbed with Hydraulic ramps, also with 3 units spare tires, 12.00R20 tires for our Djibouti client. And he sent us the inquiry on our internet, also check the videos we attached on our TITAN VEHICLE WEBSITE. 

Lately we just finished it and then we TITAN begin to get ready for the shippment. To keep the low bed semi trailers in the good condition, also considering the cost-effective solution, we provide the RORO shipping for our client. Here I want to share the photos with our client.

                                 TITAN 80T Low loader semi

                 TITAN 80T Low loader semi trailer with 3 units spare tires


                                              80T Lowbed in the Cabin


                     tri-axle lowbed trailers waiting for Departure from port


             tri-axle low loaders waiting for Departure from port