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Overseas after-sale service in Djibouti


In Feb.13, 2016, After the container side loader trailer arrived, TITAN send technician to our customer's country, to 

supply the technical training to operation person. 

The main course include how to use the container side loader loading and unloading 40ft containers,20ft containers, how to maintenance the container side loader

refer to the corresponding chapter of the operation manual, to introduce the operation steps, noted items, security regulations, dignosios and examination of failures.

After 7 days of training , customer's workers are familiar with the operation of sidelifter trailer, understand the location and functions of control button,understand 

vatious failure and corresponding solving measures, Under the guidance of our technician, the customer's workers operate the side lifter trailer thenmselves, to know well 

about the various functions of the container side loader.

Our customer are very satisfied with our after-sale service and our product quality,we are not only creat value to customers, but also traning of many technical operation workers.we have built up a solid partnership with our customers and also improve our company competitibe power in customers local market.

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