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New 80t lowbed Trailer's finished today


New 80t lowbed Trailer's finished today

TITAN VEHICLE, as the professional semi trailers, mainly offer the heavy duty low loader trailers. And the most important, we make sure the high quality of the lowbed, more durable with high loading capacity.

Today we just finish the production, for the 80t tri-axle lowbed trailers. We use high strength steel material for the low loader semi trailers, especially for the main key stress points, the load can be up to 80 ton, 90 ton and 100t.

And the 3 axles excavator trailers with machanical ramps, are just finished, please check the photos here.

                                                  80t lowbed

                                         80t low loader trailers

                                        3axle 80t low loader trailers

                        TITAN low loader trailers ready for shipping now


If you're interested, just send us Inquiry, we'll send you the price with detailed quotation.