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Low-quality trailers are repaired every day. Truck member: Eager to get cheaper and lose big.


Low-quality trailers are repaired every day. Truck member: Eager to get cheaper and lose big.

In the repair shop, the mechanic was surprised and said, "Why is the quality of your trailer so bad? Every day they are burning and welding, how can they still deform everywhere? My father scratched his head embarrassingly and said, "I don't know all these questions. This thing is manufactured by the manufacturer. I don't know why the quality is so bad!"

Above is a brief conversation between my father and Master Huang of the repair shop. Almost everyone who sees my trailer will say that the quality of the car is poor. Even I feel that the quality is too bad. Now I have only used it for two years, and it has been welded all over, and it is constantly deforming and opening everywhere. My father told me that the trailer would probably last another year and have to be replaced. I believe many card friends will be surprised! The life span of a trailer can be less than 3 years, as TITAN VEHICLE said. That's the power of small factories.

We need repare the trailers like this:

(First pull back the deformed area and weld it)

(Welding the trailer again)

(weld Tightener on trailers)

(Repeated fracture and welding injuries)

Harm of inferior Trailer

"I don't think my trailer can compare with those of them. They may be a little deformed when loading the goods, but the goods will be back to their original state as soon as they are unloaded! My trailer is loaded with deformed goods, unloaded or deformed! Father said helplessly. Master Huang smiled and said, "Your trailer just wants to be rich before it is willing to return to its original state!" Ha ha! "

Key Points for Choosing flatbed semi Trailers

Now we will use the trailer for another half a year, we will choose to replace it, I give some requirements for our new fence cargo trailer. It is also a reference for cardmates when they choose to buy trailers.

(1) We must choose a regular manufacturer and refuse trailers from small factories.

(2)Don't blindfold your eyes by a little bit of flighthead and small profits. Every penny is worth every penny!

(3) Choose trailers with qualified vehicle materials, and use them in the later period can save worry.

(4) Carefully check whether the welding of the vehicle is in place. Don't be afraid of trouble and laziness.

(5) Check the quality of trailer parts to prevent repetitive maintenance in the later period.

(6) It is better to choose high-quality vehicle bridges. We will choose BPW vehicle bridges next time.

(Repeated fracture and welding injuries)

Please check the flatbed trailer we just made for our client:

                                         4axles 70 ton side wall fence cargo trailer