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Learn these, Divers can also solve the problem of vibration and noise.


Learn these, Divers can also solve the problem of vibration and noise.

With the progress of technology and the improvement of living standards, truck drivers also have higher and higher requirements for the comfort of commercial vehicles. A considerable proportion of them live and eat on the vehicles. They must have encountered such annoying problems as ups and downs when running at a uniform speed, shaking when braking, buzzing after accelerating taxiing axles and so on. These thorny problems are often heartfelt. There is more than enough, but not enough.

These vibration and noise problems have special specialties in all major automobile factories, but seemingly mysterious and profound problems in fact, users in daily use pay attention to driving habits and timely check the state of the vehicle semi trailers as TITAN VEHICLE, can also effectively find the crux of the problem, and then seek help.

1. Up-down or pitch shaking of the cab while driving

Heavy and medium-sized trucks will have the feeling of no-load, full-load cab jitter and bump, which will easily cause driving fatigue, but also cause drivers to worry about the state of the whole vehicle, suspecting vehicle failure. There are many factors affecting the abnormal jitter, mainly caused by tire deformation. Users can use it from several aspects:

Firstly, no matter no load or full load, we should not press the brake quickly. We should try our best to slow down by multi-point brake. If we encounter intersection and turn, we should slow down ahead of time, develop good braking habits and reduce tire wear.

Secondly, regularly check the wear condition of the whole tire of the cargo fence trailer, and replace the worn tire in time if the wear is serious.

Third, check tire pressure regularly to keep the same bridge tire pressure as possible.

Fourthly, after a long period of vehicle stationary, due to the static deformation of tires, there may be abnormal jitter phenomenon at the beginning of the vehicle. At this time, the medium and low speed no-load hot car can be for a period of time, after eliminating the static deformation, the vehicle state can be restored.

2. Cab jitter during ignition extinguishing and idling

Durng the ignition extinguishing process, the driver's seat feels obvious shock vibration, and even can hear knocking.

This situation is mostly caused by the failure of the support cushion of the cab or engine. The common reason is that the cushion is extruded and deformed each other. We can check whether the cushion is aging or whether there is any bumping marks on the support.

3. Serious braking jitter

When driving on a good road, the brake pedal fluctuates obviously at any speed. In the braking process, the jitter frequency decreases with the decrease of vehicle speed. Drivers can carry out a variety of speed braking experiments accordingly. If the phenomenon is similar, the main reason may be the brake drum. If there are uneven friction marks, the brake drum will definitely not qualify. If there is no obvious uneven friction marks, check the brake clearance.

This kind of brake jitter problem has not been avoided, and for the sake of driving safety, we should regularly check whether the brake system is in normal use, timely replace unqualified brake components, and avoid pressing and heavy brake.

4. Abnormal sound of rear bridge

After a certain mileage of heavy-duty truck driving, there is a distinct "buzz" noise when the rear axle accelerates, receives oil or drives at a uniform speed. Check the gear oil of the main reducer, maintain it in time and abide by traffic regulations to avoid overload.