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High quality Low bed Trailer/lowbed Semi Trailer- What's a low bed trailer?


As a professional supplier, our customers often tell us "please give me the high quality of semi-trailers" , so i'd like to share the experience in how to choose a high-quality semi-trailer.

First, steel materials. Our main beam is adopted 500-580mm high-strength steel and one complete of steel. Many of the main beams are spliced, 480mm. Our loading capacity can be increased by 20%.


Second, we must consider the selection of accessories and the overall appearance, we must pay attention to the workmanship and accessories details of the semi-trailer: welds, Braking System,Landing gear,electrical layout, paint.Details make a difference.


Finally, I suggest that you don't only consider cheap, it is best to choose a high quality semi-trailer. For drivers, this may be the only source of income for the entire family. Once the vehicle fails, it will be a huge blow to the entire family.

You get what you pay for ,Safety and load capacity are the historical mission of semi-trailers.


TITAN Lowbed Trailer Video