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German standard, BPW brake chamber with long-term service life !


BPW (Meizhou) Axle Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of trailer axles. As we all know, it’s very famous in truck trailers transportation, and except the axles, it also produces some axle-related components. The BPW brake chamber (which is commonly referred to as the brake cylinder) is one of them.

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More durable, BPW makes the brake chamber no longer a consumable part.

BPW brake chamber has large amount of possession in China. Most of it was originally imported from Europe, and its price is 3-4 times that of domestic general products. However, the high price does not affect the user's purchase, because its durability is far superior to the general product. According to a follow-up survey conducted by BPW, the diaphragm of the BPW brake chamber will not tear for 3 years, and the life of the outer casing and the push rod is far superior to that of the general product. For example, for a batch of trailers that were loaded with the cargo at Shanghai Yangshan Port, the time for using the BPW brake chamber has exceeded 10 years, but it has not been replaced until now.

The brake chamber is installed under the frame, and the environment is very harsh. The cold, hot and humid vibration will affect its life. For many truck driving friends and logistics companies, the brake chamber of the trailer is also considered a wearing part. However, the BPW brake chamber does not want to be a wearing part, in order to ensure the durability of the product. BPW has done a lot of experiments on this product during research and development.

BPW's brake chamber is produced in Germany Standard and has undergone various tests to face various harsh environments.

First of all, BPW's brake chamber is made according to German standard materials and processes technology. It adopts high-performance coating technology and passes 504 hours of salt spray test. It has strong anti-corrosion performance at extreme temperatures (-40°C, 80°C). ) still maintain good performance. In order to simulate the performance of products in harsh environments, BPW's brake chambers were also tested under mud tests, vibration tests, and 

assault impact tests. 100% of each product has been tested for air tightness, which is safe and reliable. After a long time of parking, the brake chamber can still in function. In order to test the life of the product, it has also experienced 1 million brake tests.

The above experiments ensure the quality of BPW products. In Africa, a country with a vast territory, the environment varies greatly. So for the safety consideration, TITAN VEHICLE adopt famous BPW braking chamber for the heavy semi trailers. For long-distance drivers, a high-quality brake chamber can effectively improve driving safety. From the perspective of the product life cycle, the benefits are higher than the low price. The product can also reduce the trouble of replacing the brake chamber by multiple times.