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13-litre High-powered Engines -Weichai


13-litre High-powered Engines -Weichai 

If ask the drivers a question: "What is the biggest change in the logistics industry in the last ten years?" I believe that in addition to the lower freight rate, many people will answer: the horsepower of the engine is getting bigger and bigger.

Indeed, the last decade has been a spurt of domestic heavy truck engines. From the beginning of the 10-liter displacement, 280-340 horsepower for the mainstream, to 11-liter displacement, 380-460 horsepower for the mainstream, and now the 13-liter displacement, 480-550 horsepower for the mainstream, after three large Power upgrade.

With the gradual enhancement of power, the timeliness of the logistics industry is getting higher and higher. Truely to say that nowadays, the e-commerce express delivery is very convenient, and these high-powered engines are indispensable. Today, let's take a look at the one high-powered engine - WEICHAI with 13-liter displacement sections in China.

At present, there are other famous high-horsepower engines in the domestic 13-liter displacement section, like Dongfeng Cummins ISZ, Xichai CA6DM3, Weichai WP13, Yuchai 6K13, China SinoTruck Man Technology MC13 etc.

Now I want to introduce the Famous Weichai for you. Because we TITAN are semi trailers manufacturer in China. And we adopt Weichai engine in our Bulker cement tanker trailers. For the highest power engine of the Weichai engine is WP13 model.

Weichai WP13

When it comes to high-powered engines, we have to mention Weichai, which is the largest road engine currently used by Weichai, and was released in Beijing on January 7, 2015. Bore/stroke: 127×165 mm, displacement 12.54 liters, power coverage 480-550 hp, maximum output 2550 Nm torque, net weight 905 kg, fuel consumption rate 185g/kW.h. Its installed objects are relatively extensive, and Shaanxi Automobile, Jiefang Qingqi, Dayun and other vehicle companies have matching.