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Tri Axle Tipper Semi Trailer will be sent to Nigeria on Oct 16th

Tir Axle Tipper Semi Trailer will be sent to Nigeria on Oct 16th.

Trailers Truck For SaleTrailers Truck For Sale

TITAN client Ahed is from Nigeria he would like to transport building materials such as sand, stones, ore, and scrap iron. We got his inquiry about semi trailer and talk more details by WhatsApp at the beginning, including Load and configuration details of the semi trailer. 

This customer also proposed the need for very good quality trailers, which can also help them maximize their benefits. The customer wanted to take a look at the local tri axle tipper semi trailer

3 Axle Tipper Semi Truck Trailer Price3 Axle Tipper Semi Truck Trailer Price

According to the customer’s requirement, we found tipper semi trailer with a similar configuration from other local customers and obtained the consent of our local customer. The customer gave us feedback the next day.

TITAN quality and service are very good, so the customer decides that all purchases will be customized in our factory.This is undoubtedly the biggest affirmation for TITAN VEHICLE. Of course, all our trailers can be customized according to customer needs. 

Production Details of Dump Semi TrailerProduction Details of Dump Semi Trailer


The following are common problems and solutions in the use of dump trailer:

1. Why is the car lowered when the lift switch on the dashboard is pressed, and the car lifts when the lower switch on the dashboard is pressed?

This is caused by the reverse connection of the solenoid valve that controls the lifting and lowering. There are three ways to eliminate: swap the wires of the lifting and lowering switches on the dashboard; swap the wires of the solenoid valve that controls the lift and lower; swap the two air pipes of the distribution valve.

2.Does the 3 axle dump trailer not lift?

The following parts should be checked if dump trailer does not lift. Check the power take-off: first check whether the drive shaft connected to the oil pump rotates. If it does not rotate, it means there is a problem with this part of the power take-off. If it rotates, it means the power take-off is okay. You should check further down.

Details of U-shape Tipper TrailerDetails of U-shape Tipper Trailer

Check the oil pump: Whether the rotation direction of the oil pump is correct. Extend your left hand, with your thumb facing the oil pump spline, and the rotation direction of the other fingers is the same, it is a left-handed pump, and vice versa. Whether the oil pump is damaged. The wear of the oil pump will cause the high and low pressure chambers of the oil pump to communicate and fail to pump oil.

Check the distribution valve: whether there is air in the air pipe on the distribution valve. Press the lift and lower switches, and check whether the two air pipes on the distribution valve have air. If there is no gas, it means that the solenoid valve that controls the lifting and lowering is faulty and the solenoid valve should be replaced. Whether the distribution valve is damaged.

Suspension and Trie of End Semi TrailerSuspension and Tire of End Semi Trailer

3. How to solve the climbing problem during the lifting process?

Sometimes during the lifting process of the car, there will be a climbing phenomenon. This phenomenon is mostly caused by the air intake in the hydraulic system and the oil cylinder is full of oil and gas mixture.

4. Why does the gear pump have the phenomenon of "toothing"? How to exclude?

Sometimes when the power take-off takes off the power, the gear pump makes a rapid sound, which is mostly caused by insufficient oil intake of the oil pump. This phenomenon occurs in the new car, which may be caused by the oil pump inlet pipe being too thin or the oil inlet pipe being deflated.

Production Details of tipper semi trailerProduction Details of tipper semi trailer

The oil inlet pipe should be thickened and the oil inlet pipe with high strength and hardness should be used; the dump truck that has been used for a period of time may be due to aging It is sucked flat, or the filter screen of the oil outlet of the oil storage tank is blocked, resulting in poor oil intake.


 You can download video, you can learn about different types of semi tipper trailers, such as u shape dump semi trailer, side tilted dumper trailer, container tipper trailer, tipping chassis trailer.

And the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.

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This kind of semi trailer was designed with lots of advantages and features. If you want to get more information, please don't hesitate to make contact with us.