Fence semi trailer 60 Ton for sale in Tanzania - How to ensure the safe use of livestock trailer?

TITAN VEHICLE | 2020-11-10
Fence semi trailer 60 Ton for sale in Tanzania - How to ensure the safe use of livestock trailer?


In daily transportation, when it comes to which kind of Cargo Semi Trailer is the most feasible and popular in transport general commodity, Fence Semi Trailer must be the one.

Fence semi trailer is usually used to transport dry goods, bulk cargo etc., especially livestock, bottle beverage, and general stuff on the road, meadow, pasturing area. The fence cargo trailer can be added with a container lock to transport the container.

Fence Semi Trailer is usually modified based on flatbed type, or side wall type, by adding stakes or boards based on measurements and character of the cargo. The structure of Fence Semi Trailer is similar to Van but not Van. Due to the structural reasons, the cargo compartment with an independent closed structure has the disadvantages of large self-weight, high center of gravity and fixed cargo volume. It is more suitable for transporting goods without packaging requirements or packaging requirements. Due to its more flexible loading capacity, lighter tare weight, Fence Semi Trailer could be more convenient, practical and safe.


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How to ensure the safe use of livestock trailer?

As the fence semi trailer driver is driving along the road, it is important to always maintain a safe speed with the headlights kept on at all times. This is because the braking time increases a lot and in that case, a safe distance from the trailer in front should be maintained.

For the safety of your animals ensure that none of them is hanging their heads outside the stake trailer. They could be harmed by flying objects.

Be careful when planning the travel and always remember that weather can sometimes delay your plans especially because it affects the animals’ comfort and road conditions.

Don’t lock the fence semi trailer while transporting your livestock. This will make it possible for rescue workers to access it in the event of an emergency.

If you don’t follow the right procedure in loading animals into the livestock trailer, it can be frustrating to do so. To have an easy and safe loading process, there are a number of things you can consider doing.


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During the loading process, ensure the following:

1. Do an inspection to make sure that there are no sharp objects protruding into the trailer. Repairs to such protrusions should be made to prevent injury to your livestock.

2. Weight is well distributed. Allow the heaviest animals to occupy the section supported by the fence truck trailer axles’ front. Larger and older animals should be loaded first and then follow up with smaller and younger ones.

3. Use slip knots when tying the animals after loading them onto the bulk cargo trailer. Tying inside the animal transport trailer should be made at head height.

4. Always be careful about being squeezed and pinned between the animals or the livetock trailer sides and the trailer gate as well.

5. Immediately after loading the animals onto the cargo semi trailer, close the gates and make sure the animals are secure.

6. It is important to ensure visibility. Animals should be able to see anyone entering and exiting the animal transport trailer, when inside the trailer tying or untying them.


Through the video below, you can learn about different types of fence semi trailers(like 3 axle fence trailers, 4 axle stake trailer and fence full trailer)

And the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.

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