80 tons removable gooseneck RGN lowboy trailer for sale in Tanzania

TITAN VEHICLE | 2020-09-24
80 tons removable gooseneck RGN lowboy trailer for sale in Tanzania


The main purpose of the removable gooseneck trailer is to transport large and heavy-duty vehicles. Its stability is very good, and it has many advantages in transporting heavy goods and avoiding obstacles above.


Our Tanzania customer saw our RGN lowboy trailer for sale locally and got to know us through a Google search. After a series of understanding, the customer decided to order the removable gooseneck lowboy in advance for their own business.

TITAN will pay a return visit to every customer who has purchased a semi-trailer, whether it is used normally and whether there is a problem so that it can be solved in time and can extend the service life to a greater extent. This is also the exclusive benefit of TITAN, not only pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services must be in place.


80 tons removable gooseneck RGN lowboy trailer for sale in Tanzania

80 tons removable gooseneck lowboy trailer for sale in Tanzania


The main difference between loading removable gooseneck lowboy trailers and ordinary lowbed trailers is that the removable gooseneck trailer loads equipment or goods from the front.

Ideally, a gooseneck lowboy trailer is complicated to operate, but the equipment/cargo can be easily driven on the trailer. The equipment is safer and more stable during loading, transportation and unloading.

How to operate removable gooseneck trailer?

There are the major force-transmitting regions of RGN lowboy trailer. One of them is the main coupling responsible for transmitting the fundamental longitudinal towing forces between the trailer and the gooseneck. This coupling works as a single point in a force couple to keep the trailer frame and the gooseneck in their desired relative positions. 

There is yet another force vector of the same force couple usually transmitted through the thrust blocks in the back of the gooseneck. This essentially is a bearing surface of the trailer frame at a point spaced backwardly. Hydraulic pressure is then supplied to the bottom part of the ram cylinders to facilitate the retraction of the rods. This creates a hydraulic lock between the trailer bed and the gooseneck. A lock pin is then used to make a positive link between the yoke pocket and the T-bar yoke.

Generally, this forms a positive connection from the yoke pocketed located in the trailer bed frame to the hydraulic ram anchor feature of the gooseneck. The effect caused helps in holding the thrust blocks tightly in position.

The safety hooks are engaged safely with their respective pins and the lock pins are used to keep the two key coupling hooks in a tight inter-fitting connection to prevent any accidental release.


80 tons removable gooseneck RGN lowboy trailer for sale in Tanzania


During coupling and uncoupling, the trailer assembly is let to a lowered position. During uncoupling, the safety pin handle gets puled and locked open to let the safety pin detach the T-bar yoke free from the yoke pocket.

The control lever for the hydraulic ram feature on the other hand is maneuvered to provide hydraulic pressure fluid inside the dram in order to lift the thrust blocks somewhat clear off their sitting positions on the main beam.

After achieving this, the lock finger gets retracted and the crank handle then is swung in an upward manner to anchor the safety hooks and the thrust blocks upwardly. Once this is attained, the lever is then locked in position through the lock finger that is fit in an upper coupling hole for the same.

Next, the hydraulic ram feature gets extended further to facilitate a further gooseneck rotation with respect to the RGN lowboy trailer bed. This is done to facilitate the withdrawing of the two lock pins that are engaged with the hooks.

The pins get swung in an upward manner through the use of the crank handle. On achieving this, the hydraulic pressure in the ram gets reversed hence allowing the pressure to go down in the cylinders’ bottom chamber. This action slowly lowers the gooseneck and the trailer bed to the ground.

You can choose to place a removable support block in between the trailer frame and the gooseneck beam in order to keep the gooseneck slightly off the ground surface. It is at this point when you can move the tractor away in order to give room for loading. 

80 tons removable gooseneck RGN lowboy trailer factory

TITAN removable gooseneck RGN lowboy trailer factory


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